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2000 AD

36. You Are Slaine in Tomb of Terror
37. You Are Slaine in Tomb of Terror
447. You Are Slaine in Tomb of Terror
448. You Are Slaine in Tomb of Terror
449. You Are Slaine in Tomb of Terror
450. You Are Slaine in Tomb of Terror
451. You Are Slaine in Tomb of Terror
452. You Are Slaine in Tomb of Terror
453. You Are Slaine in Tomb of Terror
454. You Are Slaine in Tomb of Terror
455. You Are Slaine in Tomb of Terror
456. You Are Slaine in Tomb of Terror
457. You Are Slaine in Tomb of Terror
458. You Are Slaine in Tomb of Terror
459. You Are Slaine in Tomb of Terror
460. You Are Slaine in Tomb of Terror
461. You Are Slaine in Tomb of Terror

2000 AD Rebellion Reprints

You Are Slaine in Tomb of Terror

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Gamebooks

1. Prisoners of Pax Tharkas
2. The Ghost Tower
3. Escape from Castle Quarras
4. The Soulforge
5. Test of the Ninja
6. Master of Ravenloft
7. Sceptre of Power
8. Nightmare Realm of Baba Yaga
9. The Sorcerer's Crown
10. Lords of Doom
11. Clash of the Sorcerers
12. Curse of the Werewolf
13. Gates of Death
14. Trail Sinister
15. The Vanishing City
16. Shadow over Nordmaar
17. Spawn of Dragonspear
18. Prince of Thieves

Adventure Gaming

The Tower of Azann

Adventures of Goldhawk

1. Darkmoon's Curse

Alien Adventures

2. Cosmic Kidnappers

Animorphs Alternamorphs

1. The First Journey

Anybody Out There: Dead City

Anybody Out There: Dead City


La imagen en el espejo
Prisionero en Argel
Specus Vespertilionum

Astérix - Alea jacta est!

1. Le rendez-vous du chef

Atama iiBooks

6. Immortal Empire

Barcelona máxima discreción

4. La sangre de mi hermano

Basic Role-Playing

A Solo Scenario

Batman Role-Playing Game

Welcome to Gotham City

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

1. Trapped in Time

Be an Interplanetary Spy

1. Find the Kirillian!

Beast Quest Master Your Destiny

1. The Dark Cauldron

Black Mirror


Case Closed

1. Mystery in the Mansion

Choose Your Destiny: Star Wars

3. An Obi-Wan & Anakin Adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998)

1. The Cave of Time
4. Space and Beyond
5. The Mystery of Chimney Rock
6. Your Code Name is Jonah
9. Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey?
10. The Lost Jewels of Nabooti
12. Inside UFO 54-40
13. The Abominable Snowman
17. The Race Forever
33. The Dragons' Den
66. Secret of the Ninja
87. Exiled to Earth
92. Return of the Ninja
94. Blood on the Handle
100. The Worst Day of Your Life
105. The Treasure of the Onyx Dragon
113. The Lost Ninja
123. Silver Wings
147. The Antimatter Universe
185. Escape from the Haunted Warehouse

Choose Your Own Adventure (2005-)

1. The Abominable Snowman
3. Space and Beyond
4. The Lost Jewels of Nabooti
7. Race Forever
16. Secret of the Ninja
23. Silver Wings
33. Blood on the Handle
36. Punishment: Earth
37. Pirate Treasure of the Onyx Dragon
40. The Trail of Lost Time
42. Escape from the Haunted Warehouse
47. Return of the Ninja
48. The Lost Ninja

Choose Your Own Adventure - Dragonlarks

3. Indian Trail
5. Your Purrr-fect Birthday
26. Unicorn Princess

Choose Your Own Adventure - The Golden Path

1. Into the Hollow Earth
2. Burned by the Inner Sun

Choose Your Own Adventure - Walt Disney

1. Snow White in the Enchanted Forest
2. Pinocchio's Adventures
5. Alice's Wonderland Adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure for Younger Readers

8. Indian Trail
10. The Genie in the Bottle
16. Dragons!

Choose Your Own Adventure Junior

3. Indian Trail

Choose Your Own Adventure Reissues (Australian Versions)

1. The Abominable Snowman
3. Space and Beyond
4. Lost Jewels of Nabooti
7. Race Forever
16. Secret of the Ninja

Choose Your Own Adventure Spies

2. Mata Hari

Choose Your Own Adventure Super Adventure

1. Journey to the Year 3000

Choose Your Own Misery

1. The Office

Choose Your Path Sports Books

2. Goal-Minded

Combat Command

1. Piers Anthony's Bio of a Space Tyrant: Cut by Emerald

Cretan Chronicles

1. Bloodfeud of Altheus
2. At the Court of King Minos
3. Return of the Wanderer


3. The Island of Illusion

DC Heroes

Welcome to Gotham City

Detective's Choice

1. Jack Jericho and the Bloody Burlesque Show


You Are Slaine in Tomb of Terror
1. Diceman #1
2. Diceman #2
3. Diceman #3
4. Diceman #4
5. Diceman #5

Dicing with Dragons

Eye of the Dragon

Disney/Pixar Inside Out: You Decide the Ending!

3. Sadness Saves the Day!

Dudley Serious Interactive Comics

1. Dudley Serious and the Dungeon of Doom!


9. The Djinni's Ring
12. Scepter of the Underworld
20. White Fang
182. Ghost Tower of the Witchlight Fens

Dungeons & Dragons

Dragon Cards

Dungeons & Dragons (4th edition)

Ghost Tower of the Witchlight Fens
Untitled adventure

Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Show Books

1. Tower of Midnight Dreams
2. Backward Magic
3. The Witch's Spell Book
4. The Maze and the Magic Dragon
5. The King Who Wore No Crown
6. The Star Snatchers

EDGE - Crime Team: You Crack the Case

1. Skull Island

EDGE - I, Hero: Decide Your Own Destiny

12. Castle of Doom

EDGE - You Choose If You Live or Die

1. Virus Outbreak

Editorial Andrés Bello: Science Fiction Gamebooks

67. Aventura en las Estrellas
78. Misión Alfa Centauro
85. La Rebelión de los Robots

Eko Interactive Films

Epic Night

Elige tu cuento

1. Los músicos de Bremen

Elige tu propia aventura - Original Mexican Releases

1. Un bosque lleno de aventuras

Endless Quest

1. Dungeon of Dread
2. Mountain of Mirrors
7. Hero of Washington Square
8. Villains of Volturnus
10. Circus of Fear
12. Light on Quests Mountain
14. Raid on Nightmare Castle
15. Under Dragon's Wing
16. The Dragon's Ransom
18. King's Quest
21. Duel of the Masters
22. The Endless Catacombs
29. Tower of Darkness
30. The Fireseed
35. Vision of Doom
36. Song of the Dark Druid
50. Into the Jungle
51. To Catch a Thief
52. Big Trouble
53. Escape the Underdark
54. Escape from Castle Ravenloft
55. The Mad Mage's Academy

Escape from the Kingdom of Frome

1. The Castle of Frome
2. The Forest of the King
3. The Caverns of Mornas
4. The Battle of Astar

Escape This Book!

1. Escape This Book!: Titanic


2. Once Human


1. The Renegade Lord

Fantastic Adventures

3. Shipwrecked on Mystery Island
4. Adventure in the Lost World

Fantasy Hero

The Hunt

Fighting Fantasy (1982-1995, Puffin)

1. The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
11. Talisman of Death
25. Beneath Nightmare Castle
36. Armies of Death
37. Portal of Evil

Fighting Fantasy (2002-2007, Wizard Books Series 1)

1. The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
9. The Shamutanti Hills
14. Armies of Death
24. Talisman of Death

Fighting Fantasy (2009-2012, Wizard Books Series 2)

1. The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
15. Armies of Death

Fighting Fantasy (2017-, Scholastic)

1. The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
11. The Shamutanti Hills

Find Your Fate

2. Indiana Jones and the Lost Treasure of Sheba
3. Indiana Jones and the Giants of the Silver Tower

Find Your Fate - G. I. Joe

15. Operation: Time Machine

Find Your Fate - Jem

1. Jewels in the Dark

Find Your Fate - Random House

1. The Three Investigators in: The Case of the Weeping Coffin
2. The Three Investigators in: The Case of the Dancing Dinosaur
3. The Thundercats and the Ghost Warrior

Forbidden Gateway

1. Where the Shadows Stalk
2. Terrors Out of Time

Give Yourself Goosebumps

34. Elevator to Nowhere

Golden Dragon Fantasy Gamebooks

1. Crypt of the Vampire
2. The Temple of Flame
3. The Lord of Shadow Keep
4. The Eye of the Dragon
5. Curse of the Pharaoh
6. Castle of Lost Souls

Guía básica del juego de rol

1. Krieghad


All in a Night's Work
1. Conan Beyond Thunder River


1. The Badlands of Hark
2. The Invaders of Hark

Hero's Challenge: Sagard the Barbarian

1. The Ice Dragon
2. The Green Hydra
3. The Crimson Sea
4. The Fire Demon

History Quest

4. Medieval Mayhem

The Hobbit Hole

2. Seven Ayes
4. A Sworded Adventure

Hocus & Pocus

1. L'épreuve des fabulins

Horror Classics

1. Dracula's Castle


3. Werewolf Hunter


12. Tombs of the Kings

Imperio Cobra

1. El Retorno del Imperio Cobra

Intergalactic Quest

1. Slaves of Devron

Juego de rol del capitán Alatriste

Un figón de malos tragos

Jughead and Friends Digest

31. Banana Split Decision

King's Quest Novels

The King's Quest Companion

Knuckleduster Interactive Western Adventures

1. The Devil's Addition

Kobolds Ate My Baby!

1. The Warlock of the Extremely High Tower of Painful Mystical Death


6. ¿Quieres ser crack de fútbol?

Legendary Lives

Wyvern's Way

The Legends of Skyfall

1. Monsters of the Marsh
2. The Black Pyramid
3. Mine of Torments
4. Garden of Madness

Lego Star Wars

Lego Star Wars: Choose Your Path

Life's Lottery

Life's Lottery


A Solo Adventure

Magic Voyage

2. Silicon Sabotage

Marks and Spencer Exclusives

Dungeons & Dragons Sticker Book (1985)

Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Gamebooks (American)

1. The Amazing Spider-Man: City in Darkness
2. Captain America: Rocket's Red Glare
3. The Wolverine: Night of the Wolverine
4. Doctor Strange: Through Six Dimensions
5. The Thing: One Thing After Another
6. The Uncanny X-Men: An X-cellent Death
7. The Amazing Spider-Man: As the World Burns
8. Daredevil: Guilt by Association

Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Gamebooks (British)

1. The Amazing Spider-Man: City in Darkness
2. Captain America: Rocket's Red Glare
3. Doctor Strange: Through Six Dimensions
4. The Wolverine: Night of the Wolverine
5. The Thing: One Thing After Another
6. The Amazing Spider-Man: As the World Burns
7. The Uncanny X-Men: An X-cellent Death

Masters of the Universe Adventure Game Book

He-Man and the Memory Stone

Men in Black Roleplaying Game

Midnight at Bob's 24-Hour Speedie Mart & Gas

Middle-earth Quest

5. A Spy in Isengard
6. Treason at Helm's Deep
7. Mines of Moria
8. Search for the Palantír

Middle-earth Role Playing

An Introduction to Fantasy Role-Playing

Miscellaneous Works by Anthony Lampe

Once Human

Miscellaneous Works by Doris Webster and Mary Alden Hopkins

Consider the Consequences

Miscellaneous Works by Jason Shiga


Miscellaneous Works by Vicente Leñero

La vida que se va


1. Nuevo viaje al centro de la tierra
2. Los caballeros de la galaxia
3. El caso Brackenstall
4. Los viajeros del tiempo
5. Tu nombre es Robinson
6. Aventuras en el Mississippi
7. El mundo perdido del profesor Challenger
8. El secreto de la isla misteriosa
9. El sabueso del infierno
10. Soy invisible
11. El invitado de Drácula
12. En la corte del rey Arturo
13. Capitán de nave estelar
14. Los piratas de Malasia
15. El castillo de Hangyord
16. Viajes a otras dimensiones
17. Fantasmas, S.A.
18. En busca de la ciudad del oro
19. Viajes en un OVNI
20. El ojo de Khoriand'r

The Oregon Trail: Choose Your Own Trail

6. The Wagon Train Trek

Oxford Bookworms

1. Mystery in London


A Solitaire Adventure

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Skeleton King's Crypt

Paths of Doom

1. Sete-Ka's Dream Quest
2. The Lost Sword

Pick-a-Path Apocalypse

1. Pick-a-Path Apocalypse Book 1

Plot-Your-Own Horror Stories

1. Craven House Horrors
2. Nightmare Store
3. Space Age Terrors!
4. Horror Hotel!
5. Escape from High Doom
6. Fun House Terrors!
7. Museum of the Living Dead
8. Dungeon Demons

Quest Game Books

2. The Star Flower
3. The Contest
4. The Werewolf

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Break into the Internet!: Pick Your Player, Start Your Quest

Red Giant

The Rock Shark Caper

Revista NoSoloRol

43. Contra los trolls
45. Asesina 1: Líneas
47. Asesina 2: La tierra prometida
49. Asesina 3: El sustituto
51. Asesina 4: La fuga
53. Asesina 5: El dulce beso de la venganza

Risus: The Anything RPG

3. Courier Service

Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries

1. Murder at the Diogenes Club
2. The Black River Emerald
3. Death at Appledore Towers
4. The Crown vs. Dr. Watson
5. The Dynamiters
6. The Honour of the Yorkshire Light Artillery
7. The Royal Flush
8. The Lost Heir

Sherlock Holmes: La BD dont vous êtes le héros

4. Le défi d'Irène Adler

Solve It Yourself

3. The Marathon Race Mystery

Sorcerer's Apprentice

1. Kingmaker
2. Seven Ayes
4. Golden Dust, Red Death
5. A Sworded Adventure
7. Stop, Thief!
12. Thief for Hire
13. The Legend of the __________ (adj) __________ (n)
15. First Command
16. Hot Pursuit


1. The Shamutanti Hills

Spellcaster Gamebooks

1. The Forgotten Spell

Star Challenge

1. Planets in Peril
5. Galactic Raiders
6. The Weird Zone

Star Wars - The Clone Wars: Decide Your Destiny (American)

2. The Lost Legion

Star Wars Adventure Journal

1. Regina Cayli

Star Wars Role-Playing Game

Escape Pod Down
Regina Cayli


150. Captain's Choice

Steeleye and the Lost Magic

Steeleye and the Lost Magic

Stephen Thraves Compact Adventure Gamebooks

5. Footsteps in the Fog


1. Invitation to Murder
2. Terror in the Fourth Dimension
3. The Evil of Mr. Happiness
4. The Haunters of Marsh Hall
5. The King's Mission
6. The Stone of Badda
7. Night of the Comet
8. The Deadly Trap
9. The Dirty Dollars
10. The Tomb of Amenosis
11. Conspiracy of Blood
12. Return of the Undead
13. The Sicilian Contract
14. The Unsolved Case of Sherlock Holmes
15. Shadow over the Marsh
16. The Eye of Heaven
17. The Hands of Pablo Santos
18. The Second Conquest
19. Sherlock Holmes - The Meyringen Papers
20. The Dark Awakening
21. Island of the Walking Dead
22. The Busting of Frankie Da Mora
23. The Wolf with No Tail
24. Sherlock Holmes – The Case of the Dancing Bees
25. Death's Drum
26. To Catch a Bunyip

Super Powers Which Way Books

1. Superman: The Man of Steel


1. Could You Be a Deer?
2. Could You Be a Fox?
4. Could You Be a Squirrel?
6. Could You Be a Mouse?

Temple Run: Run for Your Life

1. Jungle Trek


Testigo: Sobrevive o Muere

The Temple on Terilek Prime

The Temple on Terilek Prime

The Terrifics

25. The Terrifics #25


The Lizard and the Lightning

Tracker Books

1. Mission to Planet L
4. Treasure of Shark Island

The Transformers

6. Desert of Danger

Tunnels and Trolls

First Command
Golden Dust, Red Death
Hot Pursuit
The Legend of the __________ (adj) __________ (n)
Pocket Adventure 2: Abyss
Pocket Adventure 3: Circle of Ice
Seven Ayes
Stop, Thief!
A Sworded Adventure
Thief for Hire
9. City of Terrors

Tunnels and Trolls: Trollhalla Press

4. A Sworded Adventure


4. Golden Sword of Dragonwalk
16. Secrets of the Lost Island

Twisted Journeys

1. Captured by Pirates
3. Terror in Ghost Mansion
4. The Treasure of Mount Fate
5. Nightmare on Zombie Island
7. Vampire Hunt
8. Alien Incident on Planet J
10. The Goblin King
11. Shipwrecked on Mad Island
12. Kung Fu Masters
13. School of Evil
16. The Quest for Dragon Mountain
17. Detective Frankenstein


1. Return to the Cave of Time


3. El tesoro de Moctezuma
5. La Llorona

Virgin Adventure Gamebooks

1. Chicago Gangsters

Votre passepeur pour un horrible cauchemar

19. Le labyrinthe du cyclope


4. The Dervish Stone
13. The Dreaming Sands: Multi-Player Nightmares

Webs of Intrigue

1. The Money Spider
2. The Water Spider

Which Way Books

15. Star Trek: Voyage to Adventure
21. Ten-Ton Monster

Which Way?

2. The Planet of Terror
3. The Castle of Fear
4. The Funfair of Evil
5. The Island of Horror

White Dwarf

106. Night of Mystery

White Wolf

28. Tarepo's Troubles


Solitaire Adventure

Wizards, Warriors & You

3. Who Kidnapped Princess Saralinda?

You Choose

6. Alien Invaders from Beyond the Stars

You Choose: Batman

4. Summer Freeze!
5. Super-Villain Smackdown!

You Choose: Interactive Doomsday Adventures

Can You Survive an Artificial Intelligence Uprising?
Can You Survive in a Dystopia?

You Choose: Interactive Engineering Adventures

Building the Transcontinental Railroad

You Choose: Interactive History Adventures

The Battle of the Alamo
The California Gold Rush
The Civil War
The Japanese-American Internment
Life as a Gladiator
Life as a Knight
Life as a Ninja
Life as a Samurai
Life as a Viking
Mexican Immigrants in America
World War II Naval Forces
World War II Spies

You Choose: Interactive Modern History Adventures

The Vietnam War

You Choose: Interactive Mythological Adventures

The Epic Adventures of Odysseus

You Choose: Interactive Survival Adventures

Can You Survive Extreme Mountain Climbing?
Can You Survive in the Special Forces?
Can You Survive the Titanic?

Your AMAZING Adventures

1. The Castle of Doom

Your First Adventure

2. Little Pig's Birthday


1. The Forces of Krill
2. The Malifestro Quest
3. The Cavern of Doom
4. Conquest at Quendor