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The Forces of Krill

(American cover)
(American cover)
(British cover)
Series: Zork #1
Translated Into: Las fuerzas de Krill (Spanish)
Author: Meretsky, S. Eric
Illustrator: Van Munching, Paul
Release Dates: August, 1983 (American edition)
April, 1984 (British edition)
ISBNs: 0140317554 / 9780140317558 (British edition)
0812579755 / 9780812579758 (American edition)
Length:126 pages
Number of Endings:20
User Summary: Bivotar and Juranda must find the three Palantirs of Zork in order to defeat an evil sorcerer named Krill.
Demian's Thoughts: The third person writing gets rather awkward sometimes and the humor which makes the Zork computer games so great is missing, but this isn't a bad gamebook. The use of familiar locations and a scoring system do bring the games to mind, and, as a cute touch, page 83 includes a trap to catch those who would cheat.

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Guillermo's Thoughts: I read this book after The Cavern of Doom. This book is less linear than The Cavern, since it includes two major paths to the conclusion (one is a dungeon crawl while the other is a wilderness adventure). Like that other book, this one is rather easy to complete successfully, but it's nonetheless a fun read. Recommended.

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leon101's Thoughts: Here I am doing my first review on here.

This is a pretty good book I must say, I always enjoyed playing the old Zork games so I thought, why not try the gamebooks. Sadly, I couldn't manage to find a place to purchase them from, but I found out that all four were up for download on a site, so I just got them from there.

It really does remind me of the Zork games, in story telling and gameplay (even if it is just choices) for instance, adding a score on each "game over" as I will call it, is pretty neat and original which in turn makes it feel more Zork-like. I also like that there was at least one logical choice in this gamebook (I won't give it away) that had you looking at the illustrated picture for help.

My only real complaint with it is length and difficulty. It was easy for me to get through with only one or two deaths in my adventure. Also, it wasn't very long. It was a great read though and I would love to get to reading the other three real soon.


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