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Item - The Dungeons of Torgar

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Translated Into: Dans les entrailles de Torgar (French)
Die Kerker von Torgar (German)
Las mazmorras de Torgar (Spanish)
Penjara Torgar (Malay)
Le segrete di Torgar (Italian)
Torgars fängelsehålor (Swedish)
Torgarské kobky (Czech)
User Summary: The Darklords have control of the final three Lorestones, but you have learned that they are currently held in the dungeons beneath the Drakkar fortress of Torgar.
Demian's Thoughts:

While reading this book, I did realize that I owe a lot of my appreciation of Lone Wolf to nostalgia. While I still give the series plenty of credit for its fun system and its story continuity, I think that I would find its shallow characters and silly location names a lot less thrilling if not for the fact that I know they were created by Joe Dever. I guess I still cannot claim to be unbiased. That being said, this was yet another fun adventure. It's highly replayable since the first choice leads to two different story branches that allow wildly different events to be experienced during the first half of the story. After that, it's time for some reunions and daring deeds leading up to a gigantic cliffhanger. Of course, it could have benefit from better characterization (I dare you to tell two Lone Wolf characters apart) and some elaboration (much of the adventure feels a little bit rushed), but it's Lone Wolf. It's hard not to enjoy it, flaws and all.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Tan Hong Kiat for the Beaver cover scan and Marcus Pearse for the Red Fox cover scan.
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Pirrakas - Berkley/Pacer
Sir Olli - Beaver & Red Fox
sireeyore - American

Lone Wolf (1984-1998) edition

(Beaver edition)
(American edition)
(Red Fox edition)
Series: Lone Wolf (1984-1998) no. 10
Item: The Dungeons of Torgar
Platform: Web Browser
Author: Dever, Joe
Illustrators: Williams, Brian (interior)
Salmon, Brian (Beaver cover)
McPheeters, Neal (American cover)
Jones, Peter Andrew (Red Fox cover)
Dates: 1987 (original)
June 15, 2002 (Project Aon release)
ISBNs: 0099512505 / 9780099512509 (British editions)
0425109305 / 9780425109304 (American edition)
Length: 350 sections
Number of Endings: 16 (not including failure by loss of points)

Lone Wolf (2007-) edition

Series: Lone Wolf (2007-) no. 10
Item: The Dungeons of Torgar
Author: Dever, Joe
Illustrators: Williams, Brian (interior)
Salmon, Brian (Beaver cover)
McPheeters, Neal (American cover)
Jones, Peter Andrew (Red Fox cover)
Date: 2009

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