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Books for Sale/Trade - Sir Olli

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Abenteuer-Spielbuch im Geborgenen Land

2. Die Sterne der Tiefen

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Gamebooks

1. Prisoners of Pax Tharkas

9. The Sorcerer's Crown

Advanced Fighting Fantasy

3. Dungeoneer

Asterix - Alea Jacta Est!

1. Das Gipfeltreffen

Défis fantastiques

2. La citadelle du chaos

3. La Forêt de la malédiction

6. Le Labyrinthe de la mort

10. Le manoir de l'enfer

Doctor Who

1. Doctor Who and the Rebel's Gamble

Einsamer Wolf (1984-1990)

1. Flucht aus dem Dunkel

2. Feuer über den Wassern

Fabled Lands

2. Cities of Gold and Glory


1. The Renegade Lord

2. Mechanon


1. Treachery in Drakenwood

2. Fortress of the Firelord

Fighting Fantasy (1982-1995, Puffin)

13. Freeway Fighter

20. Sword of the Samurai

21. Trial of Champions

22. Robot Commando

31. Battleblade Warrior

Fighting Fantasy 10th Anniversary Yearbook

Fighting Fantasy 10th Anniversary Yearbook

Golden Dragon Fantasy Gamebooks

3. The Lord of Shadow Keep


1. The Castle of Darkness

2. The Den of Dragons

3. The Gateway of Doom

Grøssernes mysterier

8. Spøkelsene på kirkegården

15. Ikke mat vampyren!

17. Skrekkens lekebutikk

Labyrinth Lord

Schatten über Dolmvay

Lone Wolf (1984-1998)

1. Flight from the Dark
Sparrow & Red Fox

2. Fire on the Water
Sparrow Original & Beaver Reissue

4. The Chasm of Doom
Red Fox

5. Shadow on the Sand

7. Castle Death
Red Fox

10. The Dungeons of Torgar
Beaver & Red Fox

13. The Plague Lords of Ruel

14. The Captives of Kaag

15. The Darke Crusade

16. The Legacy of Vashna

Lone Wolf (2007-)

18. Dawn of the Dragons (reissue)

Miscellaneous Works by Michael Schultz-Koernig

Auf der Straße des Todes


1. Ein Spion in Isengart
large softcover

2. Verrat in Helms Klamm
large softcover

Prince of Shadows

1. Mean Streets

2. Creatures from the Depths

Rescue the Princess

Rescue the Princess


4. Die endlose Steppe

Das Schwarze Auge

5. Die Quelle des Todes

29. Netz der Mörder

35. Drakensang - Am Fluss der Zeit: Eilifs Schatz

Schwerter & Dämonen

2. Taverne zum Blauen Frosch

3. Meer der Rätsel

4. Labyrinth

Tunnels and Trolls

Gamesmen of Kasar and Mistywood

Pocket Adventure 1: Goblin Lake
reprint from Free RPG Day 2007

12. Arena of Khazan
small original

13. Sewers of Oblivion
small original

21. Red Circle

Über den Sylinthpass

Über den Sylinthpass

Der Weg der Wachtel

Der Weg der Wachtel
first edition

The World of Lone Wolf

2. The Forbidden City