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Carmen Sandiego

1. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
2 copies


1. Diceman #1

2. Diceman #2

Fighting Fantasy (2002-2007, Wizard Books Series 1)

1. The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

The Legends of Skyfall

4. Garden of Madness

Lone Wolf (1984-1998)

Fire on the Water
Red Fox & Pacer

2. Fire on the Water
Red Fox & Pacer

4. The Chasm of Doom

6. The Kingdoms of Terror

7. Castle Death

8. The Jungle of Horrors

10. The Dungeons of Torgar

11. The Prisoners of Time

13. The Plague Lords of Ruel
American (Abridged)

15. The Darke Crusade
American (Abridged)

18. Dawn of the Dragons
American (Abridged)

Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries

6. The Honour of the Yorkshire Light Artillery

7. The Royal Flush

Star Wars Missions

1. Assault on Yavin Four
X 2

2. Escape from Thyferra
X 2

3. Attack on Delrakkin

4. Destroy the Liquidator

5. The Hunt for Han Solo

6. The Search for Grubba the Hutt
X 2

7. Ithorian Invasion
X 2

8. Togorian Trap

9. Revolt of the Battle Droids

10. Showdown in Mos Eisley

11. Bounty Hunter vs. Battle Droids

12. The Vactooine Disaster

13. Prisoners of the Nikto Pirates

14. The Monsters of Dweem

15. Voyage to the Underworld

17. Darth Vader's Return

18. Rogue Squadron to the Rescue

19. Bounty on Bonadan


7. Warlock #7