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Item - The Shamutanti Hills

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(Original (Wraparound), UK 1st printing)
(Original (Wraparound), UK 1st printing)
(Original (Wraparound), UK 1st printing)
(Original (Wraparound), UK 2nd printing)
(Original (Wraparound), US printing)
(Original (Zigzag), UK 1985 4th printing)
(Original (Dragon, Bronze text, Number front), UK 1987 2nd printing)
(Original (Dragon, White text, Number front))
(Wizard S1 (Special), UK printing (C&W))
(Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (C&W, distributed by Macmillan))
(Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (C&W, distributed by TBS))
(Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (Clays))
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Combined Summary

Series: Fighting Fantasy (2002-2007, Wizard Books Series 1) — no. 9
Fighting Fantasy (2017-, Scholastic) — no. 11
Sorcery! — no. 1
Contained In: Fighting Fantasy Box Set 4 (Collection)
The Sorcery Spellbook and The Shamutanti Hills (Collection)
Sorcery! Box Set (Collection)
Translated Into: Der Abenteurer aus Analand (German)
Las colinas de Shamutanti (Spanish)
Las colinas de Shamutanti (Spanish)
Le colline infernali (Italian)
Les Collines maléfiques (French)
Forbandelsens bjerge (Shamutanti højlandet) (Danish)
GBEWT HFMWJNJI [גבעות השמוטנטי] (Hebrew)
Mahou-tukai no oka [魔法使いの丘] (Japanese)
As montanhas Shamutanti (Portuguese)
Napříč Shamutanskou pahorkatinou (Czech)
Planinite Shamutanti [Планините Шамутанти] (Bulgarian)
A Shamutanti dombok (Hungarian)
Die Shamutanti-Hügel (German)
Adapted Into: Crown of Kings: A Campaign for Advanced Fighting Fantasy (Role-Playing Material)
The Shamutanti Hills (Digital Gamebook)
Sorcery 1: The Shamutanti Hills (Role-Playing Material)
Sorcery! 1 (Digital Gamebook)
Author: Jackson, Steve (United Kingdom)
Illustrators: Blanche, John (Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (Clays) - interior; Original (Wraparound), US printing; Original (Zigzag), UK 1985 4th printing; Original (Dragon, White text, Number front); Original (Wraparound), UK 1st printing; Original (Dragon, Bronze text, Number front), UK 1987 2nd printing; Original (Wraparound), UK 2nd printing; Wizard S1 (Special), UK printing (C&W) - interior; Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (C&W, distributed by TBS) - interior; Wizard S1 (Standard), AU printing - interior; Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (C&W, distributed by Macmillan) - interior)
Grant, Melvyn (Mel) (Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (Clays) - cover; Wizard S1 (Special), UK printing (C&W) - cover; Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (C&W, distributed by TBS) - cover; Wizard S1 (Standard), AU printing - cover; Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (C&W, distributed by Macmillan) - cover)
Dates: 1983 (Original (Wraparound), UK 2nd printing)
October 27, 1983 (Original (Wraparound), UK 1st printing)
July, 1984 (Original (Wraparound), US printing)
1985 (Original (Zigzag), UK 1985 4th printing)
1987 (Original (Dragon, Bronze text, Number front), UK 1987 2nd printing)
2003 (Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (C&W, distributed by Macmillan))
2003 (Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (C&W, distributed by TBS))
2003 (Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (Clays))
February 17, 2003 (Wizard S1 (Special), UK printing (C&W))
April 5, 2018 (Scholastic (Porthole))
ISBNs: 0140067949 / 9780140067941 (Original (Wraparound), US printing, Original (Wraparound), UK 1st printing, Original (Wraparound), UK 2nd printing)
0140318070 / 9780140318074 (Original (Zigzag), UK 1985 4th printing, Original (Dragon, White text, Number front), Original (Dragon, Bronze text, Number front), UK 1987 2nd printing)
1407186213 / 9781407186214 (Scholastic (Porthole))
1840464305 / 9781840464306 (Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (Clays), Wizard S1 (Special), UK printing (C&W), Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (C&W, distributed by TBS), Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (C&W, distributed by Macmillan))
Length: 456 sections
Number of Endings: 20 (not including death by Stamina loss)
Printing: Thanks to James Thompson for the cover scans and Ryan Lynch for the superseded cover images. (Original (Wraparound), UK 1st printing)
Special Thanks: Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (Clays), Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (C&W, distributed by TBS), Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (C&W, distributed by Macmillan):
Thanks to Ryan Lynch for the images.
Wizard S1 (Special), UK printing (C&W):
Thanks to Ryan Lynch for the back cover/spine/title page verso images.
User Summary: You set off on a mission to recover the Crown of Kings, a vitally important magic item which has been stolen by an evil Archmage.
Demian's Thoughts:

This is an excellent gamebook. It's a nice level of difficulty; it may take many tries to get through, but there are enough areas to explore that on each try you're likely to discover something new. As a result, the book is very successful in preventing its reader from getting bored. The sections of the book are extremely short, a fact which may be viewed as a flaw. This brevity is what allows the book to have such a diversity of paths, however, so I can't criticize it on those grounds.

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Guillermo's Thoughts:

The first installment in the Sorcery! series is an excellent fantasy gamebook. It consists of a wilderness journey with many different paths the reader can take (though the book also forces you to visit certain locations). Experimenting with the magic system adds a lot of variety to the book, and the journey never gets boring. It is also possible to find many items and contacts which will prove useful in later books in the series. I do not agree with reviews on this site and elsewhere that claim that the adventure is easy - the final mini-dungeon is especially hard to get through, and completing the adventure as a wizard will require you to become quite proficient at using the magic system. Overall, this is quite a good book with lots of replay value. Definitely recommended.

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Inevitable's Thoughts:

A pleasant introduction to the series, heavy on the Sorcery! atmosphere, if not otherwise notable in its gameplay. Consider it a tutorial, where the new player becomes acquainted with the Sorcery! rules, learns about the importance of provisions and camping the hard way, tries out a few spells, etc. Compared to the later books, this one is quite a pleasant stroll through the country-side, with only a few battles and hardly any of the puzzles and overall goals that the later series is known for. There are a few sticky areas, however - in particular, the Manticore cave at the end can be trying, especially if you're stuck with Jan, an annoying little fairy that makes your spells fizzle.

Oh, and this book has one of the most egregious "instant death" entries of any gamebook I've encountered: you're required to test your luck to avoid a pit trap, but if you're "lucky" and keep from falling in you are immediately killed by a spring-loaded spike, whereas an "unlucky" roll causes you to fall unconscious, but gives you a fighting chance to defeat your captors. Where's the luck in that?

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Kveto's Thoughts:

This is the first advanced FF book, which gives you the option of choosing to be either a wizard or a warrior. I tried it the first few times as a warrior and died almost instantly, the fastest instant deaths I've ever had in an FF book.

There is no advantage to being a warrior aside from the possiblity of +2 skill points and not having to bother with spells. I seriously doubt you can win as a warrior.

They ask you to memorize 20+ code words for spells, like FOF (field of force) or BAL (ball of fire) and forbid you from referencing the spellbook during the adventure. It also asks that you memorize the spell components for each spell. Sorry, I don't read FF books for useless memory exercises. I cheated, which is probably the only reason I won. I did like that each spell cost you stamina points so you'd not overuse spells.

It's a bit annoying as it keeps asking you if you remembered to eat each day or suffer a stamina penalty. As it takes many days with no clear demarcations of when a day begins or ends it is tedious. While it might be more realistic than the normal FF provisions system, it's a pain.

It is the first of a series, essentially the start of a journey, so there really is no ending per se. You just reach a certain town which leads into the next book, a pretty unsatisfying ending. It does end in a kind of mini quest in a cave where you must use a combination of spells to defeat an extremely powerful manticore.

I did enjoy the spells, which made fights more fun, so I might try the next in the series.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Brett Easterbook for the previously-used zigzag logo cover scan and to Ben Nelson for the white dragon logo cover scan. Thanks to Ryan Lynch for the remaining images featuring the original John Blanche cover art.
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bookwormjeff - original
fullmoongamer - OK condition used 1985 edition
Sabreman - Puffin Golden Dragon version

Known Editions

Original (Wraparound), UK 1st printing
Original (Wraparound), UK 2nd printing
Original (Wraparound), US printing
Original (Zigzag), UK 1985 4th printing
Original (Dragon, Bronze text, Number front), UK 1987 2nd printing
Original (Dragon, White text, Number front)
Wizard S1 (Special), UK printing (C&W)
Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (C&W, distributed by Macmillan)
Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (C&W, distributed by TBS)
Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (Clays)
Wizard S1 (Standard), AU printing
Scholastic (Porthole)

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