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Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998)

2. Journey Under the Sea

3. By Balloon to the Sahara

4. Space and Beyond

6. Your Code Name is Jonah

7. The Third Planet from Altair

10. The Lost Jewels of Nabooti

11. Mystery of the Maya

12. Inside UFO 54-40

13. The Abominable Snowman

21. Hyperspace

25. Prisoner of the Ant People

31. Vampire Express

37. War with the Evil Power Master

78. Return to Atlantis

80. The Perfect Planet

81. Terror in Australia

82. Hurricane!

88. Master of Kung Fu

138. Dinosaur Island

Encyclopedia Brown

1. Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective

2. Encyclopedia Brown Strikes Again

Endless Quest

1. Dungeon of Dread

6. Revenge of the Rainbow Dragons

7. Hero of Washington Square

Fighting Fantasy (1982-1995, Puffin)

3. The Forest of Doom

4. Starship Traveller

5. City of Thieves

7. Island of the Lizard King

8. Scorpion Swamp

9. Caverns of the Snow Witch

10. House of Hell

11. Talisman of Death

13. Freeway Fighter

14. Temple of Terror

15. The Rings of Kether

17. Appointment with F.E.A.R.

18. Rebel Planet

19. Demons of the Deep

20. Sword of the Samurai

21. Trial of Champions

23. Masks of Mayhem

25. Beneath Nightmare Castle

26. Crypt of the Sorcerer

27. Star Strider

28. Phantoms of Fear

29. Midnight Rogue

30. Chasms of Malice

31. Battleblade Warrior

32. Slaves of the Abyss

34. Stealer of Souls

36. Armies of Death

37. Portal of Evil

42. Black Vein Prophecy

52. Night Dragon


1. The Shamutanti Hills

3. The Seven Serpents

4. The Crown of Kings


10. Mission of the Secret Spy Squad