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Fighting Fantasy (1982-1995, Puffin)

1. The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

3. The Forest of Doom

7. Island of the Lizard King

10. House of Hell

12. Space Assassin

15. The Rings of Kether

20. Sword of the Samurai

22. Robot Commando

25. Beneath Nightmare Castle

26. Crypt of the Sorcerer

28. Phantoms of Fear

29. Midnight Rogue

30. Chasms of Malice

34. Stealer of Souls

36. Armies of Death

39. Fangs of Fury

40. Dead of Night

41. Master of Chaos

43. The Keep of the Lich-Lord

44. Legend of the Shadow Warriors

45. Spectral Stalkers

48. Moonrunner

49. Siege of Sardath

51. Island of the Undead


1. The Shamutanti Hills