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1 on 1 Adventure Gamebooks

5. Dragonsword of Lankhmar
8. The Doomsday Device

1000 Gefahren

2. Sugarcane Island, "The Island of 1000 Adventures"

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Gamebooks

2. The Ghost Tower
3. Escape from Castle Quarras
6. Master of Ravenloft
8. Nightmare Realm of Baba Yaga
12. Curse of the Werewolf

The Adventures of You Series

1. Sugarcane Island

Batman Role-Playing Game

Welcome to Gotham City

Be an Interplanetary Spy

12. Skystalker


Attack of the VIPER

Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998)

4. Space and Beyond
5. The Mystery of Chimney Rock
8. Deadwood City
17. The Race Forever
25. Prisoner of the Ant People
27. The Horror of High Ridge
37. War with the Evil Power Master
39. Supercomputer
62. Sugarcane Island
91. You Are a Superstar
98. You Are a Millionaire
137. Scene of the Crime
146. Soccer Star
173. The Gold Medal Secret

Choose Your Own Adventure (2005-)

3. Space and Beyond
7. Race Forever
10. Prisoner of the Ant People
12. War with the Evil Power Master

Choose Your Own Adventure - Space Hawks

1. Faster than Light
2. Alien Invaders
3. Space Fortress

Choose Your Own Adventure Interactive Movies

1. The Abominable Snowman

Choose Your Own Adventure Reissues (Australian Versions)

3. Space and Beyond
7. Race Forever
11. War with the Evil Powermaster
12. Prisoner of the Ant People

Chooseomatic Books

2. Thrusts of Justice

DC Heroes

Welcome to Gotham City

Dragon Pathways

3. Hall of the Gargoyle King
6. Maiden of Greenwold

Dragon Roads

8. The Gargoyle King
9. Draco's Revenge
11. Legend of Green Briar


6. Black Dragon's Curse
10. Hall of the Gargoyle King
11. Maiden of Greenwold

Dudley Serious Interactive Comics

2. Dudley Serious Saves the World!

Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Show Books

2. Backward Magic

Endless Quest

10. Circus of Fear
35. Vision of Doom
36. Song of the Dark Druid
38. Castle of the Undead
42. Forest of Darkness

Fabled Lands

1. The War-Torn Kingdom
2. Cities of Gold and Glory
3. Over the Blood-Dark Sea

Fighting Fantasy (1982-1995, Puffin)

8. Scorpion Swamp
9. Caverns of the Snow Witch
10. House of Hell
12. Space Assassin
15. The Rings of Kether
18. Rebel Planet
20. Sword of the Samurai
21. Trial of Champions
22. Robot Commando
27. Star Strider
33. Sky Lord
38. Vault of the Vampire
44. Legend of the Shadow Warriors
45. Spectral Stalkers
48. Moonrunner
58. Revenge of the Vampire

Fighting Fantasy (2002-2007, Wizard Books Series 1)

7. House of Hell
10. Caverns of the Snow Witch
12. Trial of Champions
21. Eye of the Dragon
25. Sword of the Samurai
29. Howl of the Werewolf

Fighting Fantasy (2009-2012, Wizard Books Series 2)

4. Stormslayer
9. House of Hell
10. Eye of the Dragon
11. Howl of the Werewolf
12. Trial of Champions

Fighting Fantasy (2017-, Scholastic)

5. House of Hell
14. Caverns of the Snow Witch

Find Your Fate

11. James Bond in Win, Place, or Die

Find Your Fate - Doctor Who

2. Crisis in Space

Find Your Fate - G. I. Joe

1. Operation: Star Raider
6. Operation: Death Stone
7. Operation: Deadly Decoy
10. Operation: Night Flight
11. Operation: Weapons Disaster
13. Operation: Snow Job
16. Operation: Poison Dart
20. Serpentor and the Mummy Warrior

Find Your Fate Junior - The Transformers

8. Project Brain Drain

Forgotten Forest

2. The Magician's Ring

Game Boy

2. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

Ghostbusters International

30th & Lexington

Golden Dragon Fantasy Gamebooks

1. Crypt of the Vampire
3. The Lord of Shadow Keep
4. The Eye of the Dragon
5. Curse of the Pharaoh
6. Castle of Lost Souls


1. Ring of the Ruby Dragon
2. Talisman of Valdegarde
3. Secret Sorceress
4. Isle of Illusion
5. Moon Dragon Summer
6. Lady of the Winds

James Bond Jr. Adventure Gamebooks

As Good as Gold

Junior Worlds of Power Novels

1. Mega Man 2


1. Knightmare: Can You Beat the Challenge?

Lone Wolf, Collector's Edition (2007-)

29. The Storms of Chai (collector's edition)
31. The Dusk of Eternal Night (collector's edition)

Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Gamebooks (American)

3. The Wolverine: Night of the Wolverine
5. The Thing: One Thing After Another
6. The Uncanny X-Men: An X-cellent Death
8. Daredevil: Guilt by Association

Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Gamebooks (British)

4. The Wolverine: Night of the Wolverine
5. The Thing: One Thing After Another
7. The Uncanny X-Men: An X-cellent Death

Nintendo Adventure Books

3. Monster Mix-Up
4. Koopa Capers
5. Pipe Down!
11. Unjust Desserts

Play-Your-Way Midnight Arcade

1. Crypt Quest/Space Battles

Reboot Adventure Games

3. Racing the Clock
4. Virtual Life

Solve It Yourself

2. The Missing Rock Star Caper

Space Quest Novel

The Space Quest Companion

Sugarcane Island

Sugarcane Island

Super Eye Adventure

2. Monster House

Super Powers Which Way Books

1. Superman: The Man of Steel
3. Justice League of America


4. Quest for the Elf King

Terror T.R.A.X.

1. Track of the Vampire

Time Machine

6. The Rings of Saturn


4. Golden Sword of Dragonwalk
7. The Video Avenger
13. Midnight at Monster Mansion
15. Spellcaster

Which Way Books

1. The Castle of No Return
2. Vampires, Spies and Alien Beings
4. Famous and Rich
5. Lost in a Strange Land
6. Sugarcane Island
7. Curse of the Sunken Treasure
8. Cosmic Encounters
9. Creatures of the Dark
10. Invasion of the Black Slime
12. Trapped in the Black Box
13. Starship Warrior
14. Poltergeists, Ghosts and Psychic Encounters
17. Invasion of the Mutants
22. The Champ of TV Wrestling
23. Monster Express

Which Way Secret Door Books

12. Crazy Computers

Which Way?

1. The Jungle of Peril
2. The Planet of Terror
3. The Castle of Fear
4. The Funfair of Evil

Wizards, Warriors & You

5. The Haunted Castle of Ravencurse
8. Conquest of the Time Master
18. Warrior Women of Weymouth

Worlds of Power Novels

1. Blaster Master
2. Metal Gear
6. Bionic Commando