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Scene of the Crime

Series: Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998) #137
Translated Into: Mesto prestuplenia [Место преступления] (Russian)
Author: Wilhelm, Doug
Illustrators: Dodge, Bill (cover)
La Padula, Tom (interior)
Release Date: 1993
Number of Endings:11
User Summary: A new mall's being built in your town, but when you witness a suspicious meeting on the way to a friend's house, you're left to wonder if something sinister is going on.
Fireguard's Thoughts: Really an excellent all-around CYOA. This is the first book in this series I've read in a while that I honestly couldn't put down until I'd read it several times. The premise of trying to expose shady business dealings was a nice change of pace for the series, and the writing and pathways were highly engrossing, making the book fun but not overly scary. All the same, it's also quite challenging. Achieving an ideal ending isn't easy. The good news is it manages to challenge without frustrating. Recommended.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Fireguard for the plot summary.
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