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Here's a small sampling of some of the other gamebook pages out on the Internet... Contact me ( if any of the links go dead or if you know of a page that belongs on this list.

Places to Acquire Gamebooks:

Flying Buffalo
This long-lived adventure game company sells solitaire adventures for the Tunnels & Trolls RPG along with some Lost Worlds books. Check them out! TomeHoard
This online book store sells nothing but gamebooks!! Check it out if you need to fill in some holes in your collection; it mostly sells American books, but there are some nice rarities mixed in...

Gamebook Collectors Yahoo! Club
This little Yahoo! club encourages gamebook trading. Check it out!

Waynes World of Books - Krakow RPGs
This page mostly offers links to places where you can buy old RPG items, but the occasional gamebook is included among the listings, and site's owner is willing to help track down specific titles (though a donation for the service is appreciated).

Gamebook Author/Illustrator Pages:

Richard A. Bartle
This page belongs to the author of the early solo role-playing effort, The Solo Dungeon

Kelly Bennett's Elfwood Page
This gallery provides some artwork by the illustrator of the Daniel the Pirate Lost Worlds book.

Herbie Brennan's Bookshelf
This is the official home of Herbie Brennan, creator of GrailQuest, DemonSpawn, Horror Classics and other gamebooks.

Andrew Chapman's Page (broken as of 2/17/03)
This page belongs to Andrew Chapman, author of several Fighting Fantasy gamebooks.

Clayton Emery's Page
This is the home of one of the co-authors of the first Amazing Stories book.

Michael Fishel - Classic Fantasy Art
This page contains some work by Fantasy Forest illustrator Michael Fishel.

Carol Gaskin - Editorial Alchemy
This page offers editorial service from Carol Gaskin of Forgotten Forest and Time Machine fame.

Jim Gasperini's Page
Time Machine author Jim Gasperini maintains this page to keep track of his various projects and interests.

Rita Golden Gelman, Female Nomad
This site belongs to Rita Golden Gelman, co-creator of the Which Way series.

Griffon's Aerie
This is the home of Peter Schweighofer, the author of several Star Wars-themed solo adventures, among other things.

John Higgins - Turmoil Colour Studios
This page belongs to Grailquest illustrator John Higgins.

Peter Andrew Jones' Page
This page is the home of noted Fighting Fantasy illustrator Peter Andrew Jones.

Marc Kornblatt's Page
Another Time Machine author, Marc Kornblatt is still writing books for children. His latest is the award-winning Understanding Buddy.

The Magickers (broken as of 2/17/03)
This page is the official site for a (non-interactive) fantasy book written pseudonymously by Dragontales author Rhondi Vilott.

Nancy Lamb's Page
This site belongs to Nancy Lamb, co-creator of the Which Way series.

Kim Newman & Eugene Byrne: The Alternate History Pages
This page is run in part by Life's Lottery author Kim Newman.

Panurgic Publishing
This site belongs to Paul Mason, Fighting Fantasy and Robin of Sherwood author and republisher of some Virtual Reality gamebooks!

Alex Price Creative
Here you'll find information on the company run by Forgotten Forest illustrator T. Alexander Price. The site includes pictures from the series.

Shiga Books
This page is run by Jason Shiga, designer and publisher of a number of nifty interactive comic books.

Jacques Terpant's Page
The La saga du Prêtre Jean illustrator has a site here.

Tracey West's Page
This site belongs to Tracey West, author of the Scream Shop series (among others).

Official Gamebook Sites:

Chronicles of Arborell
An original, online-only fantasy gamebook series can be found here!

This online gamebook, which can be expanded by user input, is designed in the spirit of the Knightmare and Crystal Maze series.
This is the official home of the Wizard Books Fighting Fantasy reprints.

Knuckleduster Publications
This site is the official home of the Knuckleduster Interactive Western Adventures. Visit this page to try demos of the books and to learn where to purchase them.
This site will soon offer the full text of books from the innovative and popular Fabled Lands series.
This is the Spanish-language home of Lone Wolf.

Project Aon
This wonderful page provides free online Lone Wolf books, courtesy of author Joe Dever!

Sryth: The Age of Igtheon
This web-based game plays like a gamebook but takes full advantage of web browser features.

Zork #3: The Cavern of Doom
You can play the third Zork book online here, and yes, it's legal!

Other Fan Pages:

At the moment, this seems to be the most exciting Fighting Fantasy site -- if you haven't visited it yet, I recommend taking a look. The interviews alone make it worth checking out!

David Archwamety's Choose Your Own Adventure page
Here are some reviews of the Choose Your Own Adventure books along with some useful information on the series.

Choose Your Own Adventure Online Story Engine
This is an online community where members can collaboratively create interactive stories.

The Cyber Reviews - HeartQuest
This page offers lengthy information and reviews relating to the HeartQuest series.

Fang's Finest Emporium
This Fighting Fantasy site should appeal to more visually-oriented fans thanks to its interesting interface.

This was the ultimate Fighting Fantasy site for a while, but it's gone into hibernation or something and hasn't been updated in ages. It's still worth a look, though.

Fighting Fantasy Reviews Archive
This site collects fan reviews of Fighting Fantasy books from around the web.

The Lands of Shabak
This content-rich Fighting Fantasy site features an original, full-length gamebook and some historical information that might be useful in a multiplayer campaign, among other things.

La Malediction de la Momie
This impressive effort is an unofficial fan translation of Fighting Fantasy #59 into French. Since this is the only title in the series that wasn't released in France, this should be an exciting place to visit for French-speaking fans.

Mansion of Maleficence
This is a brief online horror gamebook by Per Jorner.

Mantikora's Gamebook Library
This page includes reviews and links for free online gamebooks along with advice on gamebook-writing and other relevant material.

Moloch's Gamebook Garden
This is a Yahoo! club devoted to gamebooks... It's definitely worth checking out if you're searching for other fans!
An online community for playing and designing gamebook-type adventures.

QML: Create Your Own Adventure
This page is home to QML, an XML-based markup language designed to ease the creation and distribution of electronic gamebooks.

Realm of Warhawk
This is an online collaborative gamebook project.

Andrew Schultz's Gamebook Page
This page has lots of Zork and Be an Interplanetary Spy-related information along with links to some humorous online gamebooks.

Aaron Thorne's Gamebook Page
This page offers a few reviews of gamebooks, some books for sale and useful links to other sites where gamebooks can be purchased.

This French site provides several original online gamebooks along with a gamebook-writing engine called Advelh. The software includes English documentation.

More Links:

Open Directory: Gamebooks Category
This directory contains a list of additional gamebook-related links. It's worth a look if you're still not satisfied! Directory - Gamebooks
Another directory of web links, this may help you if the previous one doesn't.

Interesting Web Sites
Here are a few non-gamebook links which I find to be interesting or fun.

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