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Be an Interplanetary Spy

1. Find the Kirillian!
2. The Galactic Pirate
3. Robot World
6. The Star Crystal
10. Planet Hunters
11. The Red Rocket
12. Skystalker

Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998)

4. Space and Beyond
14. The Forbidden Castle
15. House of Danger
17. The Race Forever
50. Return to the Cave of Time
66. Secret of the Ninja
97. Through the Black Hole
109. Chinese Dragons
111. Smoke Jumper

Choose Your Own Adventure (2005-)

3. Space and Beyond
6. House of Danger
7. Race Forever
16. Secret of the Ninja
29. Smoke Jumper
30. Chinese Dragons
31. Track Star!
34. Zombie Penpal
40. The Trail of Lost Time

Choose Your Own Adventure - Dragonlarks

16. Search for the Dragon Queen
18. Space Pup
19. Gus vs. the Robot King
22. Your Grandparents Are Spies
24. Dino Lab

Choose Your Own Adventure - The Golden Path

1. Into the Hollow Earth

Choose Your Own Adventure Reissues (Australian Versions)

3. Space and Beyond
6. House of Danger
7. Race Forever
16. Secret of the Ninja

Earth Inspectors

7. China: Why Was an Army Made of Clay?

Endless Quest

9. Robbers and Robots


1. Journey to the Center of the Atom
4. Escape from Jupiter

Forgotten Forest

4. The Forbidden Towers

Lone Wolf (1984-1998)

3. The Caverns of Kalte

Lone Wolf (2007-)

The Caverns of Kalte

Robo Force

1. Robo Force and the Mountain of Burning Ice

Time Machine

2. Search for Dinosaurs
6. The Rings of Saturn
7. Ice Age Explorer
11. Mission to World War II


1. Return to the Cave of Time
2. Through the Black Hole
3. The Forbidden Castle

You Choose: Interactive Battlefield Adventures

1. At Battle in the Civil War
2. At Battle in the Revolutionary War
3. At Battle in World War I
4. At Battle in World War II

You Choose: Interactive Espionage Adventures

Spies of the American Revolution
Spies of the Civil War
Spies of World War I
Stealing Nazi Secrets in World War II

You Choose: Interactive History Adventures

Ancient China
Ancient Greece
Exploring the New World
Life as a Gladiator
Life as a Viking
The Story of Juneteenth

You Choose: Interactive Survival Adventures

Can You Survive in the Wilderness?
Can You Survive the Desert?
Can You Survive the Jungle?

Your First Adventure

1. Little Owl Leaves the Nest
4. Little Duck Finds a Friend
6. Little Panda Gets Lost