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Mission to World War II

Series: Time Machine #11
Platform: Microsoft Reader
Translated Into: Misión en la II Guerra Mundial (Spanish)
Missione a Varsavia (Italian)
Authors: Nanus, Susan
Kornblatt, Marc
Illustrators: Anderson, Darrel (cover)
Pierard, John (interior)
Release Date: March, 1986
ISBNs: 0553254316 / 9780553254310
0553269623 / 9780553269628
Length:125 pages (plus data bank and data file)
Number of Endings:1
User Summary: You must travel back to the Warsaw ghetto during World War II and discover the location of a milk can containing historical documents gathered by Emanuel Ringelblum in defiance of the Nazis.
Demian's Thoughts: This is an excellent entry in the series. The subject matter is dealt with effectively and the gameplay is somewhat challenging without being frustrating; wrong choices sometimes lead to interesting situations.

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