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Items with "Thomson, Jamie" as Credited Author

Blood Sword

5. The Walls of Spyte

Can You Brexit? Without Breaking Britain

Can You Brexit? Without Breaking Britain

The Crystal Maze

The Crystal Maze

Duel Master

1. Challenge of the Magi
2. Blood Valley
3. The Shattered Realm
4. Arena of Death

Eternal Champions

1. The Cyber Warriors
2. Citadel of Chaos

Fabled Lands

1. The War-Torn Kingdom
2. Cities of Gold and Glory
3. Over the Blood-Dark Sea
4. The Plains of Howling Darkness
5. The Court of Hidden Faces
6. Lords of the Rising Sun

Fabled Lands

1. Le Royaume déchiré
2. Les Richesses du Golnir

Fabled Lands Quests

1. The Keep of the Lich Lord


1. The Renegade Lord
2. Mechanon
3. The Rack of Baal
4. Lost in Time
5. The Dying Sun
6. At the End of Time

Fighting Fantasy (1982-1995, Puffin)

11. Talisman of Death
20. Sword of the Samurai
43. The Keep of the Lich-Lord

Fighting Fantasy (2002-2007, Wizard Books Series 1)

24. Talisman of Death
25. Sword of the Samurai

The Heart of Harkun

1. The Heart of Harkun #1
2. The Heart of Harkun #2

How Big is Your Brain?

How Big is Your Brain?

Miscellaneous Works by Ashton MacSaylor and Jamie Thomson

The Good, the Bad, and the Undead

Tales of the Fabled Lands

The Lost Prince

The Way of the Tiger

1. Avenger!
2. Assassin!
3. Usurper!
4. Overlord!
5. Warbringer!
6. Inferno!
7. Redeemer!