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Arena of Death

Series: Duel Master #4
Translated Into: Arena di morte (Italian)
Authors: Smith, Mark
Thomson, Jamie
Illustrators: Kirby, Josh (cover)
Davis, Jon (interior)
Release Date: 1987
Length:806 sections (split across both books)
Users Who Own This Item: andyr, Aniline, B0N0V0X, bigcobra, bookwormjeff, Braldt, Cyan, damieng, dave2002a, Ed, edwebb, Gartax, greyarea13 (My favourite of this series. Set in the Arena of Mortavalon that first appears in Way of the Tiger 1.), Ian2405, juski, karalynn, katzcollection, kinderstef, le maudit (need the odd-numbered book), MacbthPSW, Malthus Dire, maxz, mir1812, mlvoss, nelsondesign, Nich, Office Linebacker_, outspaced, peterm2, plowboy (book 1), Radjabov, Sir Olli, sireeyore, skeleton (only the left hand one >:| ), spragmatic, Threepwud, waktool (odd), Zolika
Users Who Want This Item: BobaGabe (two player), Gibraltar, Jubal, killagarilla, liam0404, narrativium (I have a copy of #2. I need a copy of #1 to complete it!), Pseudo_Intellectual, twar, Virtua Sinner, waktool (even)
Users with Extra Copies: bigcobra
peterm2 - I have an extra copy of "Arena of Death" #1

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