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Item - The Rings of Kether

(British cover)
(British cover)
(American cover)
Series: Fighting Fantasy (1982-1995, Puffin) — no. 15
Contained In: Adventure Gamebox - A Thrilling Fighting Fantasy Collection (Collection)
Translated Into: Los asteroides de Katar (Spanish)
Os círculos de Kether (Portuguese)
As coligações de Kether (Portuguese)
A Ketheri maffia (Hungarian)
Ketherské bratrstvo (Czech)
Der Stern der Schmuggler (German)
Les Trafiquants de Kelter (French)
Uchuu no renpou-sousakan [宇宙の連邦捜査官] (Japanese)
Author: Chapman, Andrew
Illustrators: Oakes, Terry (cover)
Spender, Nik (interior)
Dates: May, 1985 (original)
May, 1986 (American edition)
ISBNs: 0140318607 / 9780140318609 (original)
0440974070 / 9780440974079 (American edition)
Length: 400 sections
User Summary: You are a futuristic narcotics officer looking to infiltrate and destroy the drug smuggling ring of the notorious Blaster Babbet.
Fireguard's Thoughts:

The Rings of Kether is one of a handful of Fighting Fantasy books that forgoes the usual sword and sorcery to take place in the distant future in a far-flung corner of the galaxy. It reaches neither the heights of Rebel Planet or the depths of Sky Lord, but all in all I had a rather good time reading it. The investigation aspect isn't bad, although the settings could have been a bit more vivid. It's worth checking out at least once.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Nicholas Campbell for the jagged-logo British cover scan and to Fireguard for the plot summary.
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