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Amazing Stories

1. The 4-D Funhouse

5. Starskimmer

Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998)

1. The Cave of Time
text spine 39 endings, 10th book club

2. Journey Under the Sea
text spine, 4th, w/o balloon

3. By Balloon to the Sahara
text spine 1.25

4. Space and Beyond
text spine

5. The Mystery of Chimney Rock
text spine book club

7. The Third Planet from Altair
1st, 4th

8. Deadwood City
1.95, 5th

9. Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey?
text spine, 1.50, 7th

10. The Lost Jewels of Nabooti
text spine

11. Mystery of the Maya
1.75 (x2)

12. Inside UFO 54-40

14. The Forbidden Castle

15. House of Danger
1.95 1st, book fair no price (x2)

21. Hyperspace

22. Space Patrol

24. Lost on the Amazon

26. The Phantom Submarine

27. The Horror of High Ridge

32. Treasure Diver

37. War with the Evil Power Master

44. The Mystery of Ura Senke

46. The Deadly Shadow

48. Spy for George Washington

54. Forest of Fear

77. The First Olympics

78. Return to Atlantis

92. Return of the Ninja

107. Fight for Freedom

108. Master of Karate

111. Smoke Jumper

173. The Gold Medal Secret

Choose Your Own Adventure (2005-)

7. Race Forever
2005 reissue

8. Escape

Choose Your Own Adventure - Dragonlarks

2. Your Very Own Robot
orange reissue, blue 12 endings reissue

4. Caravan

5. Your Purrr-fect Birthday

Choose Your Own Adventure - Walt Disney

6. Sleeping Beauty and the Prince

Choose Your Own Adventure - Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

2. South of the Border
1st x2

Choose Your Own Adventure for Younger Readers

2. The Haunted House
2nd yellow

3. Sunken Treasure

5. Gorga, The Space Monster
white title

Choose Your Own Nightmare (1995-1997)

1. Night of the Werewolf


3. Challenge of the Pegasus Grail

14. Secret of the Sphinx
3rd x2

Endless Quest

1. Dungeon of Dread
2nd, 6th

2. Mountain of Mirrors
2nd, 6th

3. Pillars of Pentegarn
2nd (x2), 5th

5. Revolt of the Dwarves

6. Revenge of the Rainbow Dragons
1st (x2)

10. Circus of Fear
1st (x3)

13. Dragon of Doom
1st (x3)

14. Raid on Nightmare Castle

Endless Quest Books: Crimson Crystal Adventures

2. Search for the Pegasus

4. Stop that Witch!

Escape from Tenopia

3. Terror on Kabran
book club (x2)


1. Journey to the Center of the Atom

2. Destination: Brain

Fantasy Forest

3. Shadowcastle
tsr info on cover

Fighting Fantasy (1982-1995, Puffin)

3. The Forest of Doom
us 1st

18. Rebel Planet

Find Your Fate

1. Indiana Jones and the Curse of Horror Island

2. Indiana Jones and the Lost Treasure of Sheba

4. Indiana Jones and the Eye of the Fates

Find Your Fate - G. I. Joe

1. Operation: Star Raider
text spine (x2)

2. Operation: Dragon Fire

6. Operation: Death Stone

18. Operation: Killer Comet

Find Your Fate Junior - The Transformers

2. Battle Drive

Find Your Way

1. Find Your Way to Jurassic Park

Give Yourself Goosebumps

2. Tick Tock, You're Dead

5. Night in Werewolf Woods

6. Beware of the Purple Peanut Butter

7. Under the Magician's Spell

16. Secret Agent Grandma


2. The Invaders of Hark


4. Isle of Illusion

Micro Adventure

1. Space Attack

2. Jungle Quest

3. Million Dollar Gamble

6. Robot Race

8. The Big Freeze


11. Dinosaur Adventure

Plot-Your-Own Horror Stories

5. Escape from High Doom

Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries

1. Murder at the Diogenes Club

Super Powers Which Way Books

4. Batman: The Doomsday Prophecy

Time Machine

1. Secret of the Knights

4. Sail with Pirates

5. Civil War Secret Agent

6. The Rings of Saturn
1st x2

15. Flame of the Inquisition

22. Last of the Dinosaurs
book fair (x2)

25. World War II Code Breaker

Time Traveler

4. The Amazing Ben Franklin


2. The Train of Terror

3. The Formula for Trouble

4. Golden Sword of Dragonwalk
no price

6. Crash Landing!
(no price)

9. Horrors of the Haunted Museum

Which Way Books

2. Vampires, Spies and Alien Beings

15. Star Trek: Voyage to Adventure

24. Star Trek: Phaser Fight

Which Way Secret Door Books

2. Giants, Elves and Scary Monsters

11. The Enchanted Forest

Wizards, Warriors & You

5. The Haunted Castle of Ravencurse

16. Attack on the King

17. Conquest of the Barbarians
isbn on cover

Your First Adventure

4. Little Duck Finds a Friend


1. The Forces of Krill
no price

3. The Cavern of Doom