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The Formula for Trouble

Series: Twistaplot #3
Translated Into: A fórmula da confusão (Portuguese)
La fórmula dels problemes (Catalan)
Authors: Stine, Megan
Stine, H. William
Illustrators: Williams, Richard (cover)
Febland, David (interior)
Release Date: 1983
ISBN: 0590326384 / 9780590326384
Length:110 pages
Number of Endings:26
User Summary: Your friend (a chemistry teacher) invites you to see his new discovery and (obviously) everything goes terribly wrong.
Demian's Thoughts: This is a fairly amusing book; it has a few gimmicks like coin flipping and word decoding and is written in a fairly silly manner with a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor. It's not entirely effective, but it's pleasantly different.

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