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Item - Spellbreaker

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(Original (Dragon, Black text), UK 4th printing (Clays) [4th])
(Original (Dragon, Black text))
(Original (Dragon, Black text), UK 4th printing (Clays) [4th])
(Original (Dragon, Black text), UK 4th printing (Clays) [4th])
(Original (Dragon, Black text), UK 4th printing (Clays) [4th])
(Original (Dragon, Black text), UK 4th printing (Clays) [4th])
(Wizard S1 (Special), UK printing (C&W))

Combined Summary

Series: Fighting Fantasy (1982-1995, Puffin) — no. 53
Fighting Fantasy (2002-2007, Wizard Books Series 1) — no. 28
Translated Into: Le sépulcre des ombres (French)
Author: Green, Jonathan
Illustrators: McKenna, Martin (Wizard S1 (Special), UK printing (C&W) - cover; Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (C&W) - cover)
Langford, Alan
Dates: February 24, 1994 (Original (Dragon, Black text))
June 7, 2007 (Wizard S1 (Special), UK printing (C&W))
ISBNs: 0140364277 / 9780140364279 (Original (Dragon, Black text), Original (Dragon, Black text), UK 4th printing (Clays) [4th])
1840468076 / 9781840468076 (Wizard S1 (Special), UK printing (C&W))
Length: 400 sections
Special Thanks: Original (Dragon, Black text), UK 4th printing (Clays) [4th]:
Thanks to James Thompson for the cover scans.
knifebat's Thoughts:

Having really enjoyed Star Strider from the same Fighting Fantasy series, I was really looking forward to this one.

The cover of my book has some kind of massive demon making his way towards the reader with fire and lightning in the background. There is some sort of ghoulish necromancer in the background with what one would assume is a spell book. This all seems cool, but I couldn't get into this one as much as Star Strider for some reason.

Maybe I just prefer sci-fi, I don't know.

In this book you are a sword for hire adventurer; now that could have been cool if you were a K-mart Conan like the hero in the film Deathstalker. However you seem to be more like the guy in Deathstalker 2.

In this story I found myself tricked, easily captured multiple times, and wandering around a little cluelessly.

I teamed up with a monk running away from imps, browsed and bought stuff at the town market, got hired by a traveling wealthy lady, stayed in single mother's home while some supernatural monster was lurking outside, teamed up with demon hunters, and tried to save a girl from a witch trial.

A bizarre scenario I encountered was a cult of masochists marching around town.

It's not a bad read, not a bad story, some people may really like it, but for me it was mediocre. Nothing stood out for me. Maybe I just wanted more Lovecraft in the story.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Nicholas Campbell for the cover scans.
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Known Editions

Original (Dragon, Black text), UK 4th printing (Clays) [4th]
Original (Dragon, Black text)
Wizard S1 (Standard), UK printing (C&W)
Wizard S1 (Special), UK printing (C&W)

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