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Item - Hero of Washington Square

Series: Endless Quest — no. 7
Contained In: The Endless Quest Collectors Set #2 (Collection)
Translated Into: O herói de Washington Square (Portuguese)
Hobii no Nyuu Yoouku daibouken [ホビーのニューヨーク大冒険] (Japanese)
Author: Estes, Rose
Illustrators: Elmore, Larry (cover)
Truman, Timothy (Tim) (interior)
Date: May, 1983
ISBN: 0880380225 / 9780880380225
Length: 157 pages
Number of Endings: 38
User Summary: The son of a secret agent is given some irradiated diamonds and gets involved in a conspiracy.
Demian's Thoughts:

This book uses first person narration, which seems a bit odd and causes some problems when the tense shifts from past to present. Other than that, this is a pretty good gamebook, with many different paths to take and a rather large number of endings.

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