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Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998)

1. The Cave of Time

4. Space and Beyond

12. Inside UFO 54-40

15. House of Danger

23. The Lost Tribe

38. Sabotage

50. Return to the Cave of Time

54. Forest of Fear

65. The Mardi Gras Mystery

70. Invaders of the Planet Earth

78. Return to Atlantis

94. Blood on the Handle

104. The Cobra Connection

Endless Quest

1. Dungeon of Dread

2. Mountain of Mirrors

4. Return to Brookmere

5. Revolt of the Dwarves

6. Revenge of the Rainbow Dragons

7. Hero of Washington Square

8. Villains of Volturnus

9. Robbers and Robots

10. Circus of Fear

11. Spell of the Winter Wizard

12. Light on Quests Mountain

13. Dragon of Doom

14. Raid on Nightmare Castle

15. Under Dragon's Wing

16. The Dragon's Ransom

17. Captive Planet

18. King's Quest

22. The Endless Catacombs

27. Lair of the Lich

29. Tower of Darkness

32. Prisoner of Elderwood

35. Vision of Doom

Endless Quest Books: Crimson Crystal Adventures

1. Riddle of the Griffon


1. Ring of the Ruby Dragon

2. Talisman of Valdegarde

4. Isle of Illusion

Wizards, Warriors & You

3. Who Kidnapped Princess Saralinda?

17. Conquest of the Barbarians