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Item - Titan: The Fighting Fantasy World

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Translated Into: Titán (Hungarian)
Titan (French)
Titan: O mundo de Aventuras fantásticas (Portuguese)
drystan's Thoughts:

Marc Gascoigne did a good job, "extracting" from the FF Gamebooks series this atlas of the Fighting Fantasy world of Titan.

This Atlas includes information about the continents of Titan (Allansia, Khul and the Old World), their history, settlements and peculiarities. Also, a very detailed descriptions of the races and peoples of Titan is provided.

Reading it really gave me the pleasure of a novel.

Its debts towards the Middle Earth fantasy is evident, but it's far more well-written and interesting than most D&D Gazetteers.

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Fighting Fantasy: The Introductory Role-Playing Game edition

Advanced Fighting Fantasy edition

(small format)
Series: Advanced Fighting Fantasy no. 2
Item: Titan: The Fighting Fantasy World
Author: Gascoigne, Marc (editing)
Illustrator: Achilleos, Christos (cover)
Date: November 2, 1989
ISBN: 0140341323 / 9780140341324

Advanced Fighting Fantasy reissue edition

Advanced Fighting Fantasy edition

Series: Advanced Fighting Fantasy
Item: Titan: The Fighting Fantasy World
Author: Gascoigne, Marc (editing)
Illustrator: Achilleos, Christos (cover)
Date: December, 2016

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