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Item - The Cauldron of Fear

(Original British (Beaver) edition)
(Original British (Beaver) edition)
(Original British (Beaver) edition)
(British (Red Fox) edition, 1992 reprint)
(British (Red Fox) edition, 1992 reprint)
(British (Red Fox) edition, 1992 reprint)
(American edition)
(American edition)
(American edition, seventh printing)
(American edition, seventh printing)
(American edition, seventh printing)
(Lone Wolf (2007-) edition)
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Combined Summary

Online Full Text: Project Aon (Project Aon edition)
Series: Lone Wolf (1984-1998) — no. 9
Lone Wolf (2007-) no. 9
Platform: Web Browser (Project Aon edition)
Translated Into: L'antro della paura (Italian)
El caldero del miedo (Spanish)
Der Dämonenkessel (German)
Fruktans kittel (Swedish)
Kawah gentar (Malay)
Kotel strachu (Czech)
La Métropole de la peur (French)
Author: Dever, Joe
Illustrators: Gambino, Fred (Original British (Beaver) edition - cover)
Jones, Peter Andrew (British (Red Fox) edition - cover; British (Red Fox) edition, 1992 reprint - cover)
McPheeters, Neal (American edition - cover; American edition, seventh printing - cover)
Williams, Brian (Original British (Beaver) edition - interior; American edition - interior; British (Red Fox) edition - interior; American edition, seventh printing - interior; Project Aon edition - interior; British (Red Fox) edition, 1992 reprint - interior)
Dates: April 2, 1987 (Original British (Beaver) edition)
May, 1988 (American edition)
1990 (British (Red Fox) edition)
1992 (British (Red Fox) edition, 1992 reprint)
May 4, 2002 (Project Aon edition)
2009 (Lone Wolf (2007-) edition)
ISBNs: 0099512106 / 9780099512103 (Original British (Beaver) edition, British (Red Fox) edition, British (Red Fox) edition, 1992 reprint)
0425108481 / 9780425108482 (American edition, American edition, seventh printing)
Length: 350 sections (Original British (Beaver) edition, British (Red Fox) edition, British (Red Fox) edition, 1992 reprint, American edition, American edition, seventh printing, Project Aon edition)
Number of Endings: 11 (not including failure by loss of points) (Original British (Beaver) edition, British (Red Fox) edition, British (Red Fox) edition, 1992 reprint, American edition, American edition, seventh printing, Project Aon edition)
Cover Price: US$3.50 (American edition)
US$4.50 (American edition, seventh printing)
User Summary: The next Lorestone that you seek can be found in an ancient city located beneath the town of Tahou; unfortunately, the spreading Darklord armies threaten to complicate your visit to this region....
Demian's Thoughts:

This book marks a major change in the series: the replacement of illustrator Gary Chalk with Brian Williams. Williams' work isn't as distinctive as Chalk's, but it is often a bit more polished-looking. In all, it's a fair trade, with each artist having different talents. Art aside, though, this is a good adventure with a fairly decent amount of variety; there's some dungeon crawling, some epic fighting and even a wee bit of political intrigue. It's a bit more text-heavy and linear than average, with a lot of sections ending simply in "turn to x" rather than a choice; still, I never felt that my options were needlessly limited. My only major complaint deals with the final confrontation that closes the book. If you bring the Sommerswerd along, you're actually at a serious disadvantage, being forced into a fight that is nearly impossible to win. If for some strange reason you leave your best weapon behind, you have a shot at victory, but it relies mainly on dumb luck. Due to its unreasonable difficulty and general senselessness, this is one of the most disappointing major fights in the series so far, and it detracts somewhat from an otherwise fun book.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Marcus Pearse for the previously-used Red Fox cover scan. Thanks to Ryan Lynch for all of the currently-used British images. Thanks to the Museum of Computer Adventure Game History for the image of the back cover from the $3.50 American edition.
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Known Editions

Original British (Beaver) edition
British (Red Fox) edition
British (Red Fox) edition, 1992 reprint
American edition
American edition, seventh printing
Project Aon edition
Lone Wolf (2007-) edition (in The Cauldron of Fear (reissue))

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