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Series - Choose Your Own Adventure for Younger Readers

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Alternate Titles: Choose Your Own Adventure Skylark
Skylark Choose Your Own Adventure
Publishers: Bantam (Skylark imprint) -- United States
Weekly Reader -- United States
Categories: Complexity Level : Basic (No Game System)
Format : Hardback
Format : Paperback
Genre : Adventure
Genre : Fantasy
Genre : Historical Fiction
Genre : Horror
Genre : Mystery
Genre : Science Fiction
Genre : Western
Product Family : Choose Your Own Adventure
Target Age Group : Younger Children
Writing Style : Present Tense
Writing Style : Second Person
Translated Into: 1000 Gefahren (German)
Choisis ta propre aventure (French)
Elige tu propia aventura - Globo azul (Spanish)
Escolha sua aventura - Infantil (Portuguese)
Kendi serĂ¼venini kendin (Turkish)
Tria la teva aventura, Globus blau (Catalan)

This Choose Your Own Adventure spin-off is aimed at ages seven through nine. Apart from having larger print, fewer pages and simpler writing, the books follow the same basic format as their parent series, covering a wide variety of genres and avoiding any unusual gameplay gimmicks. After this one, Bantam published a further spin-off series aimed at even younger readers, called Your First Adventure. Although most books were released as paperbacks, some early titles were initially released in hardback by Bantam and a handful more were reissued in hardback by the Weekly Reader Book Club.


Choose Your Own Adventure Skylark 1 Box Set
Choose Your Own Adventure Skylark 2 Box Set
Choose Your Own Adventure Skylark 3 Box Set


1. The Circus
2. The Haunted House
3. Sunken Treasure
4. Your Very Own Robot
5. Gorga, The Space Monster
6. The Green Slime
7. Help! You're Shrinking
8. Indian Trail
9. Dream Trips
10. The Genie in the Bottle
11. The Bigfoot Mystery
12. The Creature from Miller's Pond
13. Jungle Safari
14. The Search for Champ
15. The Three Wishes
16. Dragons!
17. Wild Horse Country
18. Summer Camp
19. The Tower of London
20. Trouble in Space
21. Mona is Missing
22. The Evil Wizard
23. The Polar Bear Express
24. The Mummy's Tomb
25. The Flying Carpet
26. The Magic Path
27. Ice Cave
28. Fire!
29. The Fairy Kidnap
30. Runaway Spaceship
31. Lost Dog!
32. Blizzard at Black Swan Inn
33. Haunted Harbor
34. Attack of the Monster Plants
35. The Miss Liberty Caper
36. The Owl Tree
37. Haunted Halloween Party
38. Sand Castle
39. Caravan
40. The Great Easter Bunny Adventure
41. The Movie Mystery
42. Light on Burro Mountain
43. Home in Time for Christmas
44. You See the Future
45. The Great Zopper Toothpaste Treasure
46. A Day with the Dinosaurs
47. Spooky Thanksgiving
48. You Are Invisible
49. Race of the Year
50. Stranded!
51. You Can Make a Difference: The Story of Martin Luther King, Jr.
52. The Enchanted Attic

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