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1000 Gefahren

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An Adventure for You to Share with Rupert
The Adventure Squad
Adventures of Goldhawk
Adventures of the Black Hand Gang
The Adventures of You Series
Alternative Storyline Pathways
Aventures à construire

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Back to the Future
La BD dont tu es le petit héros
Be an Interplanetary Spy
Beginning to Read
Blackstone's Magical Adventure

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Carmen Sandiego - Mark & See
Carmen Sandiego: Chase Your Own Caper Series
Catch-a-Crook Adventure
Change the Game
Charlie Choicemaker Chooses...
Children's Problem Solving Books
Choice Chapter Book
Choisis ton aventure avec...
Choose a Path
Choose the Fate of Apollo 13
Choose Your Fairy Tale
Choose Your Own Adventure - Dragonlarks
Choose Your Own Adventure - Walt Disney
Choose Your Own Adventure for Younger Readers
Choose Your Own Adventure Junior
Choose Your Own Magic
I Classici di Walt Disney seconda serie

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Dealing with Feelings
The Decision is Yours
Disney Adventures
Dungeons & Dragons Annual
Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Show Books

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EDGE - I, Hero: Decide Your Own Destiny
EDGE - I, Hero: Legends
Elige tu cuento
Elige tu propia aventura - Original Mexican Releases
The Enchanted Tales
Enid Blyton's Famous 5 Adventure Games

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The Famous Five and You
Fantasy Forest
Fiaba game
Find Your Fate - Jem
Find Your Fate Junior - Golden Girl
Find Your Fate Junior - The Transformers
Find Your Way
Full Flight

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Geography Quest
Get-a-Clue Picture Mysteries
Grandi Classici Disney
Gruesome Gamebooks

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History Quest
Homeschool Super Sleuths

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J'aime les jeux 100%
Le Journal de Mickey

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Kids Can Choose

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Lego Star Wars
Le Letture

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Magic Micro Adventure
The Magic Road
Make a Simple Wish of Your Very Own
Make Believe It's You
Make Your Own Adventure
Making Good Choices
Marks and Spencer Exclusives
Masters of the Universe Adventure Game Book
Maths Quest
Meet Me at the Fair
Miscellaneous Works by "Alan George"
Miscellaneous Works by Cory Tucholski
Miscellaneous Works by Emiliano De Marco
Miscellaneous Works by Finn and Michael Buckley
Miscellaneous Works by Marcus Pfister
Miscellaneous Works by Steffie Brocoli and Catherine Bidet
Il Mischiastorie
Muttkins' Stories
My Ultimate Super Hero Manual
My Ultimate Super Villain Manual

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Once Upon... 1001 Stories

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Paperinik e altri supereroi
The Phudd Files
The Power to Choose
The Powerpuff Girls Plus You Club
Puzzle Adventure Stories

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Robo Force

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Science Quest
Simon Sidebottom
The Slave Traders of Ganox
Solve It Yourself... The Mystery Squad
Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure Gamebooks (Ladybird)
Steeleye and the Lost Magic
Stepping into the Bible

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Thomas & Friends
Time Traveler
Track It Yourself Adventures
The Transformers

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What Should Gavin Do Next?
Which Way Secret Door Books
Which Way?
Whizzy's Incredible Journeys
Write Your Own Adventure

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You Are There Bible Adventures
You Choose: Scooby-Doo
Your First Adventure