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(book club edition)
(book club edition)
Series: Choose Your Own Adventure - Dragonlarks #20
Choose Your Own Adventure for Younger Readers #28
Translated Into: ¬°Fuego! (Spanish)
Author: Montgomery, R. A.
Illustrator: Bolle, Frank
Release Dates: July, 1985
October 1, 2015 (reissue)
ISBNs: 0553153366 / 9780553153361
0553154621 / 9780553154627
Length:52 pages
Number of Endings:7
User Summary: Your house catches on fire while you're home alone and you have to do something about it.
Demian's Thoughts: This book tries so hard to avoid being too scary that it totally fails to have anything interesting happen in it.

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Gartax's Thoughts: Fire! is very uninteresting, mainly due to the fact that it seems far too short, even shorter than the rest of the series.

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Waluigi Freak 99's Thoughts: I agree with Demian and Gartax. The book tries too hard not to frighten younger readers, making it a very boring read. The characters are weak, and it's way too short, but, all things considered, this is actually the only thing that Fire! has going for it.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Ken G. for the book club edition scans.
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