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Category - Genre : Historical Fiction

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Ace of Aces
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Gamebooks
Adventure Gamebooks
American Girl Beforever: My Journey Books
Aquelarre Siglo XIV
Armchair General
Asterix - Alea Jacta Est
Astérix - Alea jacta est!
Asterix - Alea Jacta Est!
Asterix Adventure Games
Atama iiBooks
Australian Adventure Gamebooks
Aventure dont vous êtes le héros
Aventures à construire

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Battlegame Books
Battleground General
Biggles Adventure Games

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Call of Cthulhu
Carmen Sandiego
Choose the Fate of Apollo 13
Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998)
Choose Your Own Adventure - Dragonlarks
Choose Your Own Adventure - Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
Choose Your Own Adventure for Younger Readers
Choose Your Own Adventure Graded Reader Series
Choose Your Own Adventure Junior
Choose Your Own Adventure Spies
Choose Your Own Destiny - The Freedom Finders
Choose Your Own Track
Coleção RPG

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Destiny's Role
Do-It-Yourself Jewish Adventure Series
Doctor Who

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E Giochi
Earth Inspectors
EDGE - Battle Books
EDGE - I, Hero: Decide Your Own Destiny
EDGE - I, Hero: Legends
Escape This Book!

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Fantom Empires
Find Your Fate

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Gamebook Adventures
I Giochi del 2000
Great Literature Gamebooks
Das Grosse Spielbücher

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Hellas Heroes
Histoires à jouer - A travers les siècles
Histoires à jouer - Les Livres à remonter le temps
History Quest

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Indiana Jones Role-Playing Game
An Interactive Adventure
Interactive Fiction Gamebooks

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Juego de rol del capitán Alatriste

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Kan du overleve
Knuckleduster Interactive Western Adventures

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I Libri di Mondo Erre
Livres-jeux historiques
La Loi du sabre
Lost in Austen: Create Your Own Jane Austen Adventure

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Meet Me at the Fair
Les messagers du temps
Mini Adventure Comics
Miscellaneous Works by Doris Webster and Mary Alden Hopkins
Miscellaneous Works by Emiliano De Marco
Miscellaneous Works by Franz S. Sklenitzka
Miscellaneous Works by Juan Pablo Fernández
Miscellaneous Works by Mihály Bene
Miscellaneous Works by Rosemary Preece

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Novecento Giochi

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The Oregon Trail: Choose Your Own Trail

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Participatory Mystery
Pick Your Path Adventures
Playmark Book Games
Priklyuchencheskaya kniga-igra [Приключенческая книга-игра]
Put' geroya [Путь героя]

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Radiance Gamebook
Real Life Gamebooks
Robin of Sherwood

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La Saga du Prêtre Jean
Search for the Golden Acorn
Sección 14
The Seventh Expert
Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries
Sniper! Adventure Gamebooks
Steam Highwayman
Storia e dossier - Storiagame

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The Maze of Games
The New Road You Uncover So
Time Crashers
Time Machine
Time Traveler
Tom Traveller
Tú decides la aventura

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Unravel Your Destiny
Usborne Puzzle Adventures

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Viaje en el tiempo
A Victorian Multiverse Game Book
Virgin Adventure Gamebooks

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What If? Post-war Choices in Singapore
What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower

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You Are the Star
You Are There
You Choose: Chilling Interactive Adventures
You Choose: Interactive Espionage Adventures
You Choose: Interactive History Adventures
You Choose: Interactive Modern History Adventures
You Choose: Interactive Mythological Adventures
YOU Decide Which Paths to Take!
You Say Which Way
You Say Which Way Adventure Quiz