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Translated Into: O saqueador de charadas (Portuguese)
Tyven med de tusind tricks (Danish)
drystan's Thoughts:

It's a classical fantasy adventure, and it owes a lot to the Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks style. But it's neverthless amazing!

Quite linear in its development, it surely recalls another art of writing (thinking, thus) RPG material, as The Riddling Reaver is the little masterpice of an excellent artisan, rather than a ultra-commercial sterotyped product, like the D&D or the World of Darkness ones.

It's basically a sequence of dungeons, or overland locations, the party has to explore, fighting powerful and sometimes whimsical enemies (until you finally confront the mischevious Riddling Reaver), collecting strange and wonderful magical artifacts, and solving the riddles the Reaver leaves through your path to challenge the party and put it in danger.

There are also some intriguing twists to the plot, just to keep the stakes high for the players.

So, Paul Mason and Steve Williams are fine bards, indeed! [Thanks to Demian for correcting my wrong attribution of The Riddling Reaver to Mr. Steve Jackson]

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jr - Puffin 1st Ed.
twar - (UK) Small creases on front cover. Very good copy.

Fighting Fantasy: The Introductory Role-Playing Game edition

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