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Item - The Jungle of Horrors

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(Original British (Beaver) edition)
(Original British (Beaver) edition - with Lone Wolf Club sticker)
(Original British (Beaver) edition)
(British (Beaver) edition, revised cover)
(British (Beaver) edition, revised cover)
(British (Beaver) edition, revised cover)
(Red Fox, UK 1990 1st printing [3rd])
(Red Fox, UK 1990 1st printing [3rd])
(Red Fox, UK 1991 1st printing [4th])
(American edition)
(American edition, eighth printing)
(Lone Wolf (2007-) edition)
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Combined Summary

Online Full Text: Project Aon (Project Aon edition)
Series: Lone Wolf (1984-1998) — no. 8
Lone Wolf, Collector's Edition (2007-) no. 8
Platform: Web Browser (Project Aon edition)
Translated Into: Dans l'enfer de la jungle (French)
Der Dschungel des Grauens (German)
Džungle hrůzy (Czech)
Fasornas djungel (Swedish)
La giungla degli orrori (Italian)
La jungla de los horrores (Spanish)
Rimba ngeri (Malay)
Senritsu no janguru [戦慄のジャングル] (Japanese)
Adapted Into: The Rotting Land (Novel)
Author: Dever, Joe
Illustrators: Chalk, Gary (Original British (Beaver) edition - interior; American edition - interior; American edition, eighth printing - interior; Red Fox, UK 1990 1st printing [3rd] - interior; British (Beaver) edition, revised cover - interior; Project Aon edition - interior; American abridged edition - interior; Red Fox, UK 1991 1st printing [4th] - interior)
Jones, Peter Andrew (Red Fox, UK 1990 1st printing [3rd] - cover; Red Fox, UK 1991 1st printing [4th] - cover)
Lyon, Peter (British (Beaver) edition, revised cover - cover)
McPheeters, Neal (American edition - cover; American edition, eighth printing - cover; American abridged edition - cover)
Salmon, Brian (Original British (Beaver) edition - cover; Project Aon edition - cover)
Dates: January, 1987 (Original British (Beaver) edition)
1988 (British (Beaver) edition, revised cover)
1990 (Red Fox, UK 1990 1st printing [3rd])
December, 1993 (American abridged edition)
May, 1995 (American edition, eighth printing)
July 21, 2001 (Project Aon edition)
2009 (Lone Wolf (2007-) edition)
ISBNs: 0099476304 / 9780099476306 (Original British (Beaver) edition, Red Fox, UK 1990 1st printing [3rd], British (Beaver) edition, revised cover)
0425104842 / 9780425104842 (American edition, American edition, eighth printing)
Length: 350 sections (Original British (Beaver) edition, British (Beaver) edition, revised cover, Red Fox, UK 1990 1st printing [3rd], Red Fox, UK 1991 1st printing [4th], American edition, American edition, eighth printing, Project Aon edition)
Number of Endings: 19 (not including failure by loss of points) (Original British (Beaver) edition, British (Beaver) edition, revised cover, Red Fox, UK 1990 1st printing [3rd], Red Fox, UK 1991 1st printing [4th], American edition, American edition, eighth printing, Project Aon edition)
Cover Price: US$2.95 (American edition)
US$4.50 (American edition, eighth printing)
Special Thanks: Red Fox, UK 1991 1st printing [4th]:
Thanks to Luke Sheridan for the spread cover and title page version images.
User Summary: Your quest for the Lorestones leads you to the heart of the Danarg, an evil swamp filled with horrible monsters.
Demian's Thoughts:

After two disappointing adventures, this is a return to many of the things that make this series so much fun. The Darklord civil war that prevented momentous events from occurring for the past few adventures is at an end, and once again, you are racing against time and battling tremendous odds. The use of a companion character throughout most of the book is a nice change of pace (though more actual character development would have been nice), and the Danarg is a fun and atmospheric setting. The difficulty of the book is relatively high, but at least the toughest fight is near the beginning, making failure less frustrating than it might otherwise have been. This isn't really a classic, but it's an improvement over the previous Magnakai adventures, and its final cliffhanger promises more interesting things to come.

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Errata:There is an incorrect second choice in section 318; according to Project Aon, the choice should actually read "If you choose to continue your ride north to Tharro, turn to 280."
Special Thanks:Thanks to Ryan Lynch for most of the currently-used British cover images. Thanks to Brett Easterbrook for the previously-used Beaver reissue cover scan and to Marcus Pearse for the previously-used Red Fox cover scan.
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Known Editions

Original British (Beaver) edition
British (Beaver) edition, revised cover
Red Fox, UK 1990 1st printing [3rd]
Red Fox, UK 1991 1st printing [4th]
American edition
American abridged edition
American edition, eighth printing
Project Aon edition
Lone Wolf (2007-) edition (in The Jungle of Horrors (collector's edition))

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