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Item - Highway Holocaust

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(British edition)
(American edition)
(American edition)
(American edition)
(American edition)
(Swedish edition)
(Swedish edition)
(Swedish edition)
(Swedish edition)

Combined Summary

Online Full Text: Project Aon (Project Aon edition)
Series: Freeway Warrior — no. 1
Alternate Title: Highway Holocaust
Platforms: Adobe Acrobat (Swedish PDF edition)
Web Browser (Project Aon edition)
Translated Into: Motorvägens Krigare (Swedish)
Piekło na autostradzie (Polish)
Viaggio disperato (Italian)
Author: Dever, Joe
Illustrators: Grant, Melvyn (Mel) (British edition; American edition; Project Aon edition)
Lovelock, Ryan (Swedish edition; Swedish PDF edition)
Thelin, Lukas (Swedish edition; Swedish PDF edition)
Dates: 1988 (British edition)
November, 1989 (American edition)
July 19, 2008 (Project Aon edition)
May, 2017 (Swedish edition)
December 26, 2018 (Swedish PDF edition)
ISBNs: 0425118967 / 9780425118962 (American edition)
9187987309 / 9789187987304 (Swedish edition)
Length: 350 sections
Special Thanks:Thanks to Seb Forder for the British cover scan and to Ryan Lynch for the American images.
Users Who Own This Item: aehalpin, Alatar001 (UK), AlHazred (US), angriestmonster, Ardennes (US), B0N0V0X, BarefootJimmy (reissue), Belgarath, bookwormjeff (US & UK), Chanticrow, Citanul, damieng (UK (First)), dArtagnan, dave2002a, Demian, domj29, Eamonn McCusker, Ed, edwebb, EegahInc, egokun, Erikwinslow (US), firefoxpdm, Gamebook, Gartax, gnomeza (UK), Grifter (US), Himynameistony, hoops4ever, Ian2405, jdreller, JiPi, Joe_TC, Jubal, juski (original UK), karalynn, katzcollection, killagarilla, kinderstef, knginatl, le maudit, lek, Malthus Dire, MarcusP, marginal_space, MaxSpender, mir1812 (Åskfågeln), mlvoss, mvstang, mymgoth, nelsondesign, nerelax, Nich, Oberonbombadil (UK 1st), Office Linebacker_, outspaced, Pseudo_Intellectual, qazplm (UK), Radjabov, rolipo26, Ryuran333, Sabreman (UK), Sheridan77, Sir Olli (original, signed & reissue), sireeyore (original and reissue), skeleton, Smidgeccfc76, StagQuests (UK), Threepwud, Tremendez, Virtua Sinner, xinuz, Yalius
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Sheridan77 - US

Known Editions

British edition
American edition
Project Aon edition
Swedish edition
Swedish PDF edition

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