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Item - The Galactic Pirate

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(Second printing)
(Second printing)
(Second printing)
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Combined Summary

Series: Be an Interplanetary Spy — no. 2
Contained In: Be an Interplanetary Spy Box Set (Collection)
Translated Into: El pirata galactico (Spanish)
Author: McEvoy, Seth
Illustrators: Hempel, Marc
Wheatley, Mark
Fastner, Steve (Special book fair edition - cover)
Dates: June, 1983 (First printing)
June, 1983 (Second printing)
February, 1986 (Third printing)
ISBNs: 0553235079 / 9780553235074 (Second printing)
0553258621 / 9780553258622 (Special book fair edition, Third printing)
Length: 121 pages
Number of Endings: 25 (First printing, Second printing, Troll edition, Special book fair edition)
30 (Third printing)
User Summary: Marko Khen, an evil space pirate, has been mutating harmless animals into huge monsters and using them to terrorize innocent planets. You must find and stop him.
Aussiesmurf's Thoughts:

Now this is more like it.

After the comparatively bland nature of the first entry (Find the Kirillian), this book has much more interesting and individual touches.

The Klagon hand was a wonderful idea that I absolutely adored as a youngster. The biodroid that you convert to your side was also inspired. I remember being really nervous when it looked as if he might go back to the 'bad guys.'

Again, the puzzles are generally interesting, although not too challenging for anyone of adolescence or over.

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auximenes's Thoughts:

In the second volume of the Interplanetary Spy series, you face off against Marko Khen, the Galactic Pirate of the title. True to his name, he sports an eye patch and a robotic parrot. His modus operandi is to steal rare animals, mutate them into violent monsters, then use them to further his crimes. In this entry you get a James Bond-type multi-purpose gadget-glove, the Klagon Hand, and an amusing side-kick in the biodroid. Continuity is established with references to Prince Quizon from the previous book. The plot is still linear with pass-fail visual challenges, some of which don't make sense, and repeated generic death endings, but they don't distract from the overall fun. There's a nice plot-twist near the end, and this volume generally improves upon the formula established in the first book. 3 out of 5 stars

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Demian's Thoughts:

This book is similar in quality to the previous one. Most of the puzzles are similar as well, being for the most part mazes and pattern recognition challenges.

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Dtar's Thoughts:

My recent re-read revealed that the puzzles are pretty good and the artwork is better than I remember. There are only a couple puzzles that don't require a choice. The concept of growing biodroids in nutrient tanks is pretty cool, and the one you meet looks a lot like "Solar: Man of the Atom." There are many great endings you can encounter if you make a poor decision, including "you made a fatal mistake, everything blows up!"

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Jaret R. Morgan for the scan of the reissue cover.
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