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Be an Interplanetary Spy

2. The Galactic Pirate
book fair edition

Can You Solve the Mystery?

2. The Case of the Chocolate Snatcher

6. The Case of the Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies
Hard-cover library binding

Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998)

156. You Are an Alien

162. Typhoon!
Hard-cover library binding

170. Greed, Guns, and Gold

Choose Your Own Adventure (2005-)

5. Mystery of the Maya

6. House of Danger
Great condition

Choose Your Own Adventure - Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

2. South of the Border

Choose Your Own Adventure for Younger Readers

3. Sunken Treasure

7. Help! You're Shrinking

9. Dream Trips

25. The Flying Carpet

26. The Magic Path

42. Light on Burro Mountain

43. Home in Time for Christmas

45. The Great Zopper Toothpaste Treasure

Choose Your Own Nightmare (1995-1997)

2. Beware the Snake's Venom

Choose Your Own Nightmare (Multipath Adventures)

3. Night of the Werewolf

Encyclopedia Brown

1. Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective

18. Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Disgusting Sneakers

Fantasy Forest

1. The Ring, the Sword, and the Unicorn

2. Ruins of Rangar

3. Shadowcastle

4. Keep of the Ancient King

5. Dungeon of Darkness

6. Star Rangers and the Spy

Find Your Fate

10. Morgan Swift and the Kidnapped Goddess

Solve It Yourself

4. Mystery at the Bike Race

Time Machine

1. Secret of the Knights

2. Search for Dinosaurs

3. Sword of the Samurai

4. Sail with Pirates

5. Civil War Secret Agent

6. The Rings of Saturn

12. Search for the Nile

22. Last of the Dinosaurs


2. The Train of Terror

5. The Sinister Studios of KESP-TV

10. Mission of the Secret Spy Squad

14. Instant Millionaire

16. Secrets of the Lost Island

17. Ghost Riders of Goldspur

You Be the Jury

2. You Be the Jury: Courtroom II

3. You Be the Jury: Courtroom III

Your AMAZING Adventures

4. The Dragonmaster