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Item - Find the Kirillian!

(original cover)
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Series: Be an Interplanetary Spy — no. 1
Contained In: Be an Interplanetary Spy Box Set (Collection)
Translated Into: ¡Captura al Kiriliano! (Spanish)
A Captura de Kirillian (Portuguese)
Finn rymd-gangstern (Swedish)
Author: McEvoy, Seth
Illustrators: Hempel, Marc (original artwork)
Wheatley, Mark (original artwork)
Fastner, Steve (reissue cover)
Date: June, 1983
ISBNs: 0553235060 / 9780553235067 (original)
055325863X / 9780553258639 (reissue)
Length: 121 pages
Number of Endings: 16
User Summary: You must rescue a young prince and retrieve valuable jewels from an evil interplanetary criminal named Phatax.
Aussiesmurf's Thoughts:

This is the first of the Interplanetary Spy series, and it is fairly obvious that they are still working out some of the kinks.

This book has few of the wonderfully idiosyncratic touches of the later books, with a bland character and an underdeveloped villain.

The puzzles are eminently solvable, but not a patch on some of the later ones.

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Demian's Thoughts:

This isn't a bad start to the series... Some of the puzzles are fairly interesting, though the vast majority are exceedingly simple, pointless, or entirely based on random luck. This book was later released with a different cover, probably because the Space Invaders look of the first cover illustration was a bit dated by the mid-eighties.

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Dtar's Thoughts:

A fairly interesting and easy story written with lots of exclamation points. There are several puzzles that do not require solving; the reader is just asked to find their way through a maze or something and then turn to another page. A lot of time is spent flying around in your way cool spaceship, which is derivative of Luke's landspeeder in Star Wars. One thing this story does that really upsets me is asking the reader to choose one of two similar pieces of equipment to bring on the mission, and that choice determines success or failure.

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Jonman99's Thoughts:

To say the most, I enjoyed this book but would have loved for it to be a little more difficult. I finished it in 30-45 minutes on my first time through. Some of the puzzles in the book are entertaining but could have been way more complex to add to the fun factor. Illustrations in the book are good. The plot to me appears very cliched.

All together, an enjoyable but easy adventure which I recommend to a young audience.

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