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Publishers: Joc Internacional -- Spain
Categories: Complexity Level : Solitaire RPG (External Rules Required)
Format : Hardback
Genre : Historical Fiction
Genre : Horror
Product Family : Aquelarre

This medieval horror Spanish-language role-playing game included solo adventures in the first and third editions of the main rulebook, as well as in some supplements for the first edition. The first edition was published by Joc Internacional, while the third edition was published by Nosolorol Ediciones. In 2010, a gamebook based on the game was published in pdf over the Internet, free of charge, by Nosolorol. A couple of years after its release, the standalone gamebook in this series was published in paperback without any references to the RPG. A few years later, one of the chapters from the book was expanded and made into the first title in the Sección 14 series.



Role-Playing Games

Aquelarre (first edition) (Lobisome)
Aquelarre (third edition) (Specus Vespertilionum)

Role-Playing Materials

Lilith (La imagen en el espejo)
Villa y Corte (Prisionero en Argel)

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