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This category contains self-published and print-on-demand products.

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1 Hour Star Damage Game Books

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400 Series

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A Choose Your Own Romance Adventure
A Select Your Own Timeline Adventure
Adventure Quest
Adventures in Logan
The American Girl
Aquelarre Siglo XIV

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Blades & Wizardry

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The Challenges of Zona
Charlie Choicemaker Chooses...
Choices (free versions)
Choose the Right
Choose Your Own Afterlife
Choose Your Own Clark Adventures
Choose Your Own Misadventure
Choose Your Own Track
Choose Your Path and Face the Consequence
Choose Your Path!
Die Chroniken von Numed
Click Your Poison
The Constance Morley Histories

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D66 Gamebooks
The Dark One
Determine Your Own Deviation
Dictate Your Own Destiny
Dragon Lore Series

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Earth 2 Choose Your Own Journey

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Fantasy Hero Gamebooks
Fighting Fantasy: Amateur Adventures
Fighting Fantasy: Amateur Adventures
Fighting Fantasy: The Newsletter
Fighting Fantazine
Freelance Traveller

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Galactic Chronicles
A Ghostly, Time Travelling Game Book
Gloire Posthume

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Hermacles Divide Gamebooks
Homeschool Super Sleuths

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In Brighton!
An Interactive Adventure
An Interactive Dating Sim Erotica
An Interactive Story
Inz Interactive Novels

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Knightmare: Amateur Adventures

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Lands of Delorian
Leyenda ëlfica
Literally Immersive Gamebooks

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Médiéval Fantastique
Miscellaneous Works by A. K. Forest
Miscellaneous Works by Anthony Lampe
Miscellaneous Works by Ben Fitts
Miscellaneous Works by Charlie McCarthy
Miscellaneous Works by Christian Kindschy
Miscellaneous Works by Cory Tucholski
Miscellaneous Works by Daniel McCoy
Miscellaneous Works by Faringdon Junior School
Miscellaneous Works by Fiction Writing Spring 2013
Miscellaneous Works by Gaetano Abbondanza
Miscellaneous Works by Jacob Dean and Maggie DiRenzo
Miscellaneous Works by Jennifer and John Robinson
Miscellaneous Works by Jo Cadwallader
Miscellaneous Works by John E. Kirk
Miscellaneous Works by Juan Pablo Fernández
Miscellaneous Works by Luca de Perux
Miscellaneous Works by Lyess Scarandeti
Miscellaneous Works by Manuel da Silva Carneiro
Miscellaneous Works by Mark Wightman
Miscellaneous Works by Mathias Dewald
Miscellaneous Works by Mehdi Fakrahmad
Miscellaneous Works by Nicholas Gauthier
Miscellaneous Works by Ricardo Pinheiro
Miscellaneous Works by Robertson Sondoh Jr.
Miscellaneous Works by Sarah Hingley
Miscellaneous Works by Simon Palmer
Miscellaneous Works by Steve Rioux
Miscellaneous Works by Walton D. Stowell II
Miscellaneous Works by Zach Allred
Miser's Hoard
Mission Pornstar
Myth Makers

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OpenD6 Solitaire Adventure

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Pandreed, der Träger des Pfandsteins
Prince Groffy
Psycho Killer

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Retro Quest
Retro Quest

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Select Your Own Continuum
Shadow Thief
The Shadowstooth Gamebook
Starsong Chronicles
Survive Your Own Adventure

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Tales from Alcantria
Tales from Ane Moni
Team 3000 Press Zines
The New Road You Uncover So
The Trollish Tribune
Tunnels and Trolls: Bolt Thrower Press
Twisted Stories

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Ultimate Ending

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Der Weg der Wachtel
Windhammer Prize Entries

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Xhoromag 1: Le Secret de l'Univers
Xhoromag 2: Le Flot Infini du Temps
Xhoromag 3: La Somme de Toutes les Vérités
Xhoromag 4: Les Passés les Plus Lointains
Xhoromag 5: Les Enfants d'un Autre Ciel
Xhoromag 6: Paix aux Anges
Xhoromag 7: Le Cercle sans Commencement
Xhoromag 8: Le Retour des Xhâ Niâs

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ye Royal Adventure