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Items with "Dever, Joe" as Credited Author

Autumn Snow

1. The Pit of Darkness

Combat Heroes

1. White Warlord
2. Black Baron
3. Emerald Enchanter
4. Scarlet Sorcerer

Freeway Warrior

1. Highway Holocaust
2. Slaughter Mountain Run
3. The Omega Zone
4. California Countdown

Legends of Lone Wolf

The Dark Door Opens
Eclipse of the Kai
1. Eclipse of the Kai
2. The Dark Door Opens
3. The Sword of the Sun
4. Hunting Wolf
5. The Claws of Helgedad
6. The Sacrifice of Ruanon
7. The Birthplace
8. The Book of the Magnakai
9. The Tellings
10. The Lorestone of Varetta
11. The Secret of Kazan-oud
12. The Rotting Land

Legends of Lone Wolf (Berkley, 1990-1991)

1. Eclipse of the Kai
2. The Dark Door Opens
3. The Tides of Treachery
4. The Sword of the Sun
5. Hunting Wolf

Legends of Lone Wolf Audiobooks

1. Eclipse of the Kai
2. The Dark Door Opens

Lone Wolf (1984-1998)

Fire on the Water
Flight from the Dark
1. Flight from the Dark
2. Fire on the Water
3. The Caverns of Kalte
4. The Chasm of Doom
5. Shadow on the Sand
6. The Kingdoms of Terror
7. Castle Death
8. The Jungle of Horrors
9. The Cauldron of Fear
10. The Dungeons of Torgar
11. The Prisoners of Time
12. The Masters of Darkness
13. The Plague Lords of Ruel
14. The Captives of Kaag
15. The Darke Crusade
16. The Legacy of Vashna
17. The Deathlord of Ixia
18. Dawn of the Dragons
19. Wolf's Bane
20. The Curse of Naar
21. Voyage of the Moonstone
22. The Buccaneers of Shadaki
23. Mydnight's Hero
24. Rune War
25. Trail of the Wolf
26. The Fall of Blood Mountain
27. Vampirium
28. The Hunger of Sejanoz

Lone Wolf (2007-)

The Buccaneers of Shadaki
The Captives of Kaag
Castle Akital
Castle Death
The Cauldron of Fear
The Caverns of Kalte
The Chasm of Doom
The Curse of Naar
The Darke Crusade
Dawn of the Dragons
Dead in the Deep
The Deathlord of Ixia
The Dungeons of Torgar
The Dusk of Eternal Night
The Fall of Blood Mountain
Fire on the Water
The Hunger of Sejanoz
The Jungle of Horrors
The Kingdoms of Terror
The Legacy of Vashna
Light of the Kai
The Masters of Darkness
Mydnight's Hero
The Plague Lords of Ruel
The Prisoners of Time
Rune War
Shadow on the Sand
The Storms of Chai
The Tides of Gorgoron
Trail of the Wolf
Voyage of the Moonstone
Wolf's Bane
1. Flight from the Dark (reissue)

Lone Wolf (BulkyPix)

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf Graphic Novel

The Skull of Agarash

Lone Wolf Merchandise

The World of Magnamund: The Definitive Map of the World of Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf Multiplayer Game Book

Lone Wolf Multiplayer Game Book

Lone Wolf Software

1. Flight from the Dark: Software Pack
2. Fire on the Water: Software Pack

Lone Wolf: The Roleplaying Game

1. Flight from the Dark

Lupo solitario (2007-)

29. Le Tempeste del Chai

The Magnamund Companion

The Magnamund Companion

Neige d'Automne

1. Le Puits des Ténèbres

The World of Lone Wolf

1. Grey Star the Wizard (editing)
2. The Forbidden City (editing)
3. Beyond the Nightmare Gate (editing)
4. War of the Wizards (editing)

The World of Lone Wolf: Collector's Edition

Beyond the Nightmare Gate (editing)
The Forbidden City (editing)
Grey Star the Wizard (editing)
War of the Wizards (editing)

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