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Combined Summary

Series: Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998) — no. 87
Choose Your Own Adventure (2005-) — no. 36
Alternate Title: Punishment: Earth (reissue)
Adapted Into: Exiled to Earth (Graded Reader) (Gamebook)
Author: Montgomery, R. A.
Illustrators: Millet, Jason (ChooseCo reissue edition - interior)
Utomo, Gabhor (ChooseCo reissue edition - cover)
Lisi, Victoria (Original edition - cover)
Bolle, Frank (Original edition - interior)
Dates: 1988 (Original edition)
2010 (ChooseCo reissue edition)
ISBN: 1933390360 / 9781933390369 (ChooseCo reissue edition)
Length: 113 pages (ChooseCo reissue edition)
Number of Endings: 15
Enigmatic Synergy's Thoughts: This is a decent CYOA book that makes for an interesting read. While the writing is certainly not the greatest, it is far from the worst. I absolutely love the concept of the book--traveling to a "strange" planet called Earth. I think these concepts are always pretty thought-provoking because the reader is able to look at humans as the "outsider," if you will, in which being an "alien" is the norm. Most of the outcomes are pretty similar, leaving little room for disparity. Some of the sections felt a little rushed and I think having some longer threads would have benefited the book. Overall, this is an average book that has the ability to provoke more-than-average thinking in terms of who we are as a society and how we may think of beings that are perceived as "outsiders" or "foreigners."

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toadhjo's Thoughts: While it has an interesting concept, this is a very weak book overall. For starters, you have to go through at least 12 pages of text before you come across any real choices. But that's not the biggest problem. The book lacks any real sense of purpose, and most of the outcomes are very similar. The author (R. A. Montgomery) spends too much time setting up the circumstances for your exile to Earth; this leaves little room for your adventures on Earth. The idea has potential, but it is executed poorly, and the book focuses on the wrong part of the journey.

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