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Item - Revenge of the Vampire

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Series: Fighting Fantasy (1982-1995, Puffin) — no. 58
Translated Into: La revanche du vampire (French)
A vingança do vampiro (Portuguese)
Author: Martin, Keith (pseudonym used by Sargent, Carl)
Illustrators: Edwards, Les (cover)
McKenna, Martin (interior)
Date: May 25, 1995
ISBN: 0140372458 / 9780140372458
Length: 400 sections
User Summary: Reiner Heydrich wasn't quite as dead as we all hoped, and unless you can stop him, he'll terrorize the land in search of blood once again.
Fireguard's Thoughts:

Despite this being the sequel to one of my favorite Fighting Fantasy books, Vault of the Vampire, it just isn't as interesting as its predecessor. For one thing, the book includes a score called Blood marking Reiner's strength; if you find something that gives you an advantage it goes up, but if you waste time it goes down. While it certainly makes sense to be as efficient with your time as possible when trying to keep a vampire lord from returning from the dead, it felt to me like an even more obvious way for the author to punish me for not doing what he wanted. This isn't helped by how you're bopping all over the countryside looking for the vampire.

When it comes to the major characters, they're all doing the exact same things they did in the last book: Siegfried helps you find the book's best weapon, Reiner is the big bad guy, and Katarina jumps out of nowhere to attack you once he's defeated. For no reason. At least it was explained if you said the right things in the last book. And it doesn't help that Reiner has a servant named Igor. Why does he have a servant named Igor? The guy’s not a simpering hunchback, but come on....

For what it's worth, the setting and monsters are a bit creepier than they were in Vault, but sadly the book as a whole is less involving. For all the trouble I had to go through to get my hands on this book, I was hoping for better.

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Errata:At section 289, the player is told they must pay a gold piece to lodge at the inn. However, to reach that section, they must have bought a horse at section 276 which costs all their gold regardless of how much they have. This makes an important item impossible to get while playing fairly.
Special Thanks:Thanks to Nicholas Campbell for the cover scan, Ben Nelson for the character sheet and Fireguard for the plot summary and errata.
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