Demian's Extra Gamebooks

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These are all extra copies of gamebooks which I'm willing to part with. Check back every once in a while; the list will hopefully keep changing and growing. While gamebooks are difficult to find these days, I look pretty hard. If you want to buy any of these or trade with me, e-mail me at If you care about condition and I have multiple copies available, please specify which you want -- otherwise I'll simply send you the first one that I can find.

Sniper! Adventure Gamebooks

#1: Viet Rampage
This first edition is yellowing with age and a little worn around the edges, but it's in good condition.

#3: Into China
This is near mint, though it looks old due to yellowing and a bit of shelf wear.

#6: Libyan Strike
There's a crease on the front cover that is obviously the result of the book having been opened a little wide, but it's otherwise in good shape, with a clean character sheet and largely undamaged corners.

Solve It Yourself

The Marathon Race Mystery
This is a former library copy, so it has various library-related tags and markings on it. It's otherwise in decent (though far from perfect) shape.

Mystery at the Ball Game
This book is a bit battered, but it's still a good reading copy.

Star Challenge

#2: The Android Invasion
This book is rather badly scratched and bent. It's a fine reading copy, but not a collector's item.

Star Wars Episode I Adventures

#2: The Bartokk Assassins
I only have the gamebook from this set, and no cards, but apart from slightly bent outer corners, the book is in good condition.

#3: The Fury of Darth Maul
I have only the gamebook from this set, and no cards. The book is in close-to-new condition.

#4: Jedi Emergency
This gamebook is part of a set that should also include a novel and some statistic cards. Unfortunately, this copy is missing its companions. It's in fairly good shape, but it's not all that useful on its own.

#6: The Hunt for Anakin Skywalker
I only have the novel from this set -- no gamebook, no cards. It's in good shape apart from a bent corner on the front cover.

#8: Trouble on Tatooine
This gamebook is in good shape, but the accompanying cards and novel are not present.

Starlight Adventures

#2: Riddle of the Runaway
Apart from very minor edgewear, this is in great shape.

#3: Island of Secrets
Apart from mild edgewear, this book is in great shape.

Stephen Thraves Compact Adventure Game Books

Haunted Island
This book has some creasing and wear to the cover and a name written on the first inside page, but the score cards are unused.

Assignment Loch Ness
Although it's showing some minor wear and has a couple of accidental ink marks on the outside pages, this is in good shape and has unused score cards.

Shadows of Doom
Although the black cover shows off creases and other imperfections to an exaggerated degree, the book is in quite good shape and has clean character cards on the fold-out covers.

Footsteps in the Fog
This book has some wear around the edges, and seven of its scorecards have been used. It's otherwise in good condition.

Super Eye Adventure

#3: Monster House
This second printing has some edgewear, but it's in adequate condition.


#1: Quest for the Unicorn's Horn
Apart from some light pencil marks and a bend on the cover, this is in good condition.

#2: Quest for the Dragon's Eye
This book is fairly new-looking, though it's been read once or twice. The character sheet has never been used.

Time Machine

#2: Search for Dinosaurs
There's a bit of ink writing in this book and some moderate wear to the cover, but it's an adequate reading copy.

#3: Sword of the Samurai
This fifth printing has a shredded pre-title page and a bent cover, but none of its damage will prevent you from playing it succesfully.

#4: Sail with Pirates
This first edition is moderately worn but perfect for reading.

#5: Civil War Secret Agent
This fourth printing is in decent (but still fairly worn) shape.

#8: The Mystery of Atlantis
This first printing has a severely chewed up cover with many chunks missing, and a teacher's name is written in ink on the first page, but the actual content is still readable.

#14: Blade of the Guillotine
This first printing book club edition has multiple cover creases and a cracked spine.

#22: Last of the Dinosaurs
This first edition is in good shape apart from some bent corners and damage around the edges.

Time Traveler

#1: Voyage with Columbus
This second printing is in close-to-new condition.

#2: The Legend of Hiawatha
This first printing is in excellent, though not perfect, shape.

Turning Points

#1: Friends Forever
This is a pretty sad excuse for a gamebook -- only one choice in the whole thing! It's also in pretty sad shape. Its spine is severely sun-faded and a bit cracked, and the whole thing is yellowed with age and generally worn-looking. I don't expect anyone will be asking for this any time soon, but hey, you never know what people will want...


#2: The Train of Terror
This first edition is a bit battered but is still fully intact.

#3: The Formula for Trouble
This rather silly book is almost like new despite being a first edition. I have a second copy in slightly less perfect (but still good) shape.

#4: Golden Sword of Dragonwalk
This former library book is in good shape apart from a bend in the back cover and a little wear around the other edges. It's the original version of the book (not the 90s reprint). I do have a copy of the reprint (a third printing) in pretty good shape except for a bent back cover.

#5: The Sinister Studios of KESP-TV
This first edition has some edgewear and a thumb crease on the back cover, but it's still in relatively good shape. I also have a rather more battered ex-library copy of the title.

#6: Crash Landing!
This book is fully intact but somewhat faded. It has a sticker on the front.

#9: Horrors of the Haunted Museum
This third printing has some colored-pencil writing on the interior (a name) but is otherwise close to new-looking. I also have a first edition with a masking tape mark across the back cover.

#10: Mission of the Secret Spy Squad
There's some edge wear but this is otherwise good. It's a third printing.

#14: Instant Millionaire
This second printing is in near-mint condition. I have another copy with some visible but not-too-severe bending to the cover.

#16: Secrets of the Lost Island
Although it's slightly warped out of shape, this copy is otherwise holding up pretty well.

#17: Ghost Riders of Goldspur
Apart from a back cover crease and age-yellowing, this is a good copy.

Virtual Reality Adventures

#1: Green Blood
There's purple ink on the character sheet and some wear to the cover, but this is in decent condition nonetheless.

What If Books

#2: Follow the Lone Cry
Apart from age-yellowing and some minor dings to the cover, this is in almost new-looking condition.

Which Way Books

#7: Curse of the Sunken Treasure
This book is water-damaged and has some nasty black stains on many of its pages, but it's still readable.

#11: Space Raiders and the Planet of Doom
This first edition is new-looking but somewhat written-in.

Which Way Secret Door Books

#10: Brontosaurus Moves In
This first printing has the usual moderate exterior damage, but it's in pretty good shape.

Which Way Super Powers

#4: Batman: The Doomsday Prophecy
This eighth printing has a horizontal crease in the spine and some minor wear around the edges, but it's otherwise in good shape.

You Call the Play!

Baseball: Catcher in Command
This first edition is in pretty good shape apart from a bit of edgewear.

Football: Quarterback Attack
This third printing has moderate edgewear and a bent corner, but it's great as a reading copy.

Your AMAZING Adventures

#4: The Dragonmaster
This first printing has a bend on the cover and is a little warped out of shape, but it's a decent reading copy and what writing there is on the mazes is in fairly light pencil.


#3: The Cavern of Doom
This has a rather worn exterior, but it's fine as a reading copy.

#4: Conquest at Quendor
Although it looks battered, this book is holding together perfectly well and is entirely readable.

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