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This spinoff of the Which Way books was apparently rather unsuccessful. One book was released in 1983, and three more were promised. Of these three, one (Wonder Woman) was probably never published and another didn't actually arrive for years. Because of the long gaps between releases, the series changed name and appearance often despite having very few books in it. The first book, Superman: The Man of Steel, is DC Super Heroes Which Way Book #1. The second book is Super Powers Which Way Book #2. The final book has no number and uses a different Super Powers Which Way logo than number two.

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   1. Superman: The Man of Steel
Author: Andrew Helfer
Illustrator: José Delbo
First Published: June, 1983 (American edition), 1985 (British edition)
ISBN: 0-671-47463-4 (American white cover), 0-552-52256-2 (British white cover), 0-671-64332-0 (blue cover)
Length: 118 pages
Number of Endings: 38
Plot Summary: Superman battles some familiar foes and explores an alien world.
My Thoughts: The third-person narration is somewhat annoying, but this isn't too bad a gamebook. Apparently it wasn't nearly as successful as the publishers had hoped, however; this book, the first in the Super Heroes Which Way series, lists Wonder Woman, Justice League of America, and Batman as forthcoming books. As far as I can tell, only two of these three books ever happened, and Batman didn't come out until three years later.

 2. Supergirl: The Girl of Steel
Author: Andrew Helfer
Illustrator: José Delbo
First Published: July, 1984
ISBN: 0-671-47566-5
Length: 118 pages
Number of Endings: 47
Plot Summary: Supergirl hears a strange sound and wanders into typical superhero adventures.
My Thoughts: There's a Wizard of Oz plotline in here which seems kind of strange, but otherwise this is a pretty unexceptional gamebook.

 3. Justice League of America
Author: Robert Loren Fleming
Illustrator: José Delbo
First Published: 1984
ISBN: 0-552-52257-0 (British edition)
Length: 119 pages
Number of Endings: 45
Plot Summary: It seems like everything's going wrong at once; supervillains are simultaneously attacking Metropolis with giant bugs and hijacking the space shuttle Columbia!
My Thoughts: This rather minimalistically-written adventure allows the reader to follow the adventures of various members of the Justice League of America, all of which are full of the usual comic book silliness. It's really remarkably uninteresting, though the way all of the separate plot lines come together into one climactic battle is a fairly interesting bit of design work.

 4. Batman: The Doomsday Prophecy
Author: Richard Wenk
Illustrator: José Delbo
First Published: August, 1986
ISBN: 0-671-68312-8
Length: 119 pages
Number of Endings: 51
Plot Summary: When the Bat Signal projects a death's head over Gotham City, Batman knows something is wrong...
My Thoughts: This book certainly has a lot of endings, but it's no better than the other books in this little series. Although no number appears on it anywhere, this was the fourth and final Which Way Super Powers book, and it came out not long before its parent series was also discontinued.

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