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Items with "Morris, Dave" as Credited Author

As Good as Gold (1 edition)
The Battlepits of Krarth (2 editions)
Can You Brexit? Without Breaking Britain (1 edition)
Castle Mystery (1 edition)
The Castle of Adventure (1 edition)
Castle of Lost Souls (3 editions)
The Castle of Lost Souls, Part 1: The Champion (2 editions)
The Castle of Lost Souls, Part 2: The Quest (2 editions)
The Castle of Lost Souls, Part 3: The Demon Road (2 editions)
The Castle of Lost Souls, Part 4: The Evil Eye (2 editions)
Cities of Gold and Glory (4 editions)
The City of Stars (1 edition)
Coeur de Glace (2 editions)
The Court of Hidden Faces (3 editions)
Crypt of the Vampire (3 editions)
Crypt of the Vampire (Collector's Edition) (1 edition)
The Crystal Maze (1 edition)
The Demon's Claw (2 editions)
Desert of Danger (1 edition)
Dinobot War (1 edition)
Doomwalk (2 editions)
Down Among the Dead Men (3 editions)
Dragon Warriors (1 edition)
Dragon Warriors Bestiary (1 edition)
Dragon Warriors Boxed Set (1 edition)
Dragon Warriors, 2nd Edition (1 edition)
The Dragon's Lair (1 edition)
The Eye of the Dragon (2 editions)
The Fellowship of Four (1 edition)
The Forbidden Gate (1 edition)
Fortress of Assassins (1 edition)
Frankenstein (1 edition)
The Frankenstein Wars (1 edition)
Heart of Ice (3 editions)
Highway Clash (1 edition)
The Island of Adventure (1 edition)
Island of Fear (1 edition)
The Island of Illusion (2 editions)
The Keep of the Lich Lord (1 edition)
The Keep of the Lich-Lord (1 edition)
The Kingdom of Dreams (1 edition)
The Kingdom of Wyrd (2 editions)
The Knight Watchmen (1 edition)
Knightmare: Can You Beat the Challenge? (1 edition)
The Labyrinths of Fear (1 edition)
The Lands of Legend (1 edition)
Lord Fear's Domain (1 edition)
Lords of the Rising Sun (3 editions)
Mille et Un Destins (1 edition)
Necklace of Skulls (3 editions)
Out of the Shadows (1 edition)
Over the Blood-Dark Sea (3 editions)
Peril from the Stars (1 edition)
The Plains of Howling Darkness (3 editions)
Racing the Clock (1 edition)
Les Richesses du Golnir (1 edition)
Le Royaume déchiré (1 edition)
The Screaming Spectre (1 edition)
Sleeping Gods (1 edition)
The Sorcerer's Isle (1 edition)
Swamp of the Scorpion (1 edition)
The Sword of Life (1 edition)
The Temple of Flame (Collector's Edition) (1 edition)
The Temple of Flame (3 editions)
Le Tombeau du Vampire (1 edition)
Twist of Fate (2 editions)
The Tyrant's Tomb (1 edition)
Virtual Life (1 edition)
The Virus Hunter (1 edition)
The Walls of Spyte (3 editions)
The War-Torn Kingdom (4 editions)
The Way of Wizardry (1 edition)

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