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Items with "Oakes, Terry" as Illustrator

Advanced Fighting Fantasy

8. Beyond the Pit

Battle Quest

1. Caves of Fury
2. Tunnels of Fear

Double Game

3. The City of Shadows 1: Coreus the Prince (cover)
4. The City of Shadows 2: Bardik the Thief (cover)

Fighting Fantasy (1982-1995, Puffin)

15. The Rings of Kether (cover)
25. Beneath Nightmare Castle (cover)
32. Slaves of the Abyss (cover)
40. Dead of Night (cover)
42. Black Vein Prophecy
44. Legend of the Shadow Warriors (cover)
46. Tower of Destruction (cover)
47. The Crimson Tide (interior)
48. Moonrunner (cover)
51. Island of the Undead (cover)
55. Deathmoor (cover)

Fighting Fantasy 10th Anniversary Yearbook

Fighting Fantasy 10th Anniversary Yearbook (cover)

Fighting Fantasy Novels

4. The Zagor Chronicles 1: Firestorm
5. The Zagor Chronicles 2: Darkthrone

Forbidden Gateway

1. Where the Shadows Stalk (cover)
2. Terrors Out of Time (cover)


5. Caverns of the Enchantress (cover)
8. Treasures of the Cursed Pyramid (cover)
11. Challenge of the Promethean Guild (cover)
16. Escape from Scarpathia (cover)
18. Into the Dragon's Domain (cover and poster)

Stephen Thraves Compact Adventure Gamebooks

3. Shadows of Doom

Virtual Reality

1. Green Blood (interior)
3. The Coils of Hate (interior)


3. Warlock #3 (cover)