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Person - Jones, Peter Andrew

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Items with "Jones, Peter Andrew" as Credited Author

Eclipse of the Kai (1 edition)
Heroes & Villains: The Games Art of Peter Andrew Jones (1 edition)
Wolf's Bane (1 edition)

Items with "Jones, Peter Andrew" as Credited Illustrator

Aragon Trueblade (1 edition)
At the End of Time (1 edition)
Baagan the Brave (1 edition)
The Birthplace (1 edition)
The Book of the Magnakai (1 edition)
The Captives of Kaag (1 edition)
Castle Death (3 editions)
The Cauldron of Fear (2 editions)
The Caverns of Kalte (2 editions)
The Chasm of Doom (1 edition)
Citadela chaosu (1 edition)
The Claws of Helgedad (1 edition)
The Curse of Naar (1 edition)
The Dark Door Opens (1 edition)
The Darke Crusade (4 editions)
Dawn of the Dragons (2 editions)
The Deathlord of Ixia (3 editions)
The Dungeons of Torgar (2 editions)
The Dying Sun (1 edition)
Emperor of Vangoria (1 edition)
Fire on the Water (3 editions)
Flight from the Dark (3 editions)
Forrin Weatherstorm (1 edition)
Gargantuan Marauder (1 edition)
Gleeta Spee (1 edition)
Heroes & Villains: The Games Art of Peter Andrew Jones (1 edition)
Horo Matangi (1 edition)
Horo Soga (1 edition)
Ironscale (1 edition)
Jahnu the Hunter (1 edition)
Jorramungha (1 edition)
The Jungle of Horrors (2 editions)
Karanga the Ferocious (1 edition)
The Kingdoms of Terror (2 editions)
The Legacy of Vashna (2 editions)
The Lorestone of Varetta (1 edition)
The Masters of Darkness (1 edition)
Mechanon (1 edition)
Peter Andrew Jones (1 edition)
The Plague Lords of Ruel (3 editions)
The Prisoners of Time (1 edition)
The Renegade Lord (2 editions)
The Riddling Reaver (2 editions)
The Rotting Land (1 edition)
The Sacrifice of Ruanon (1 edition)
The Secret of Kazan-oud (1 edition)
Shadow on the Sand (2 editions)
Sisters of Damnation (1 edition)
Le Sorcier de la montagne de feu (7 editions)
Starflight Zero (1 edition)
Starship Traveller (14 editions)
Sword of the Samurai (4 editions)
The Sword of the Sun (1 edition)
Sylvanne (1 edition)
Talisman of Death (3 editions)
The Tellings (1 edition)
The Angel of Death (1 edition)
The Bowmaster (1 edition)
The Demon of Eelsea (1 edition)
The Red Knight (1 edition)
Venga the Grim (1 edition)
Voyage of the Moonstone (1 edition)
Warlock #2 (1 edition)
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (18 editions)
Wolf's Bane (1 edition)
Zheena Nightshade (1 edition)
Zittonian Swordsman (1 edition)
La zona omega (1 edition)

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Warlock Profile No. 1: Peter Jones

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