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Person - Montgomery, R. A.

Pseudonym: Mountain, Robert

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Items with "Montgomery, R. A." as Credited Author

The Abominable Snowman (8 editions)
Almost Lost (1 edition)
Always Picked Last (1 edition)
Behind the Wheel (3 editions)
Beyond Escape! (3 editions)
Beyond the Wall of Stars (1 edition)
Blood on the Handle (2 editions)
The Brilliant Dr. Wogan (3 editions)
Caravan (3 editions)
Castle of Darkness (1 edition)
Chinese Dragons (2 editions)
Chinese Dragons (Graded Reader) (1 edition)
Choose Your Own Adventure Writer's Handbook (1 edition)
Danger Zones (1 edition)
Deadly Encounter (1 edition)
Death in the Dorm (1 edition)
The Destiny Device (Graded Reader) (1 edition)
Escape (4 editions)
Escape from China (1 edition)
Escape from Dorado (Graded Reader) (1 edition)
Exiled to Earth (2 editions)
Exiled to Earth (Graded Reader) (1 edition)
Fire! (4 editions)
Forecast from Stonehenge (1 edition)
Gus vs. the Robot King (1 edition)
The Haunted House (7 editions)
The Hidden Evil (1 edition)
Home in Time for Christmas (1 edition)
House of Danger (6 editions)
House of Danger (Graded Reader) (1 edition)
How to Write a Book Like a Choose Your Own Adventure Book (1 edition)
Indian Trail (3 editions)
The Island of Time (2 editions)
It Happened at Camp Pine Tree (1 edition)
The Jewels of Nabooti (Graded Reader) (1 edition)
Journey to Atlantis (Graded Reader) (1 edition)
Journey Under the Sea (18 editions)
Killer Virus (1 edition)
Last Run (1 edition)
Lost Dog! (2 editions)
The Lost Jewels of Nabooti (8 editions)
Lost on the Amazon (5 editions)
Lost on the Amazon (Graded Reader) (1 edition)
Monsters of the Deep (1 edition)
Motocross Mania (1 edition)
Murder in the Family (Graded Reader) (1 edition)
Mutiny in Space (1 edition)
Mystery of the Maya (7 editions)
Mystery of the Maya (Graded Reader) (1 edition)
The Owl Tree (2 editions)
Possessed! (1 edition)
Prisoner of the Ant People (4 editions)
Project UFO (3 editions)
Project UFO (Graded Reader) (1 edition)
Race Forever (Graded Reader) (1 edition)
The Race Forever (8 editions)
Race of the Year (1 edition)
Return to Atlantis (5 editions)
Return to Dorado (Graded Reader) (1 edition)
Return to Haunted House (1 edition)
Sand Castle (2 editions)
Search for the Yeti (Graded Reader) (1 edition)
The Secret of Stonehenge (Graded Reader) (1 edition)
Silver Wings (2 editions)
Silver Wings (Graded Reader) (1 edition)
Smoke Jumper (2 editions)
Smoke Jumpers (Graded Reader) (1 edition)
Space and Beyond (11 editions)
Space Pup (1 edition)
Spooky Thanksgiving (1 edition)
Stock Car Champion (1 edition)
Tattoo of Death (2 editions)
Tattoo of Death (Graded Reader) (1 edition)
Track of the Bear (3 editions)
Track Star (Graded Reader) (1 edition)
Track Star! (1 edition)
The Trail of Lost Time (1 edition)
Traitors from Within (1 edition)
Trouble on Planet Earth (4 editions)
War with the Evil Power Master (5 editions)
Your Purrr-fect Birthday (1 edition)
Your Very Own Robot (10 editions)
Your Very Own Robot Goes Cuckoo-Bananas! (1 edition)