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Item - The Serpent King's Domain

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(Collector's edition hardback)
(Collector's edition hardback)
(Collector's edition hardback)
(Collector's edition hardback)
(Large-format paperback)
(Large-format paperback)

Combined Summary

Series: Fabled Lands — no. 7
Author: Gresty, Paul
Illustrator: Nicholson, Russ
Dates: 2018 (Collector's edition hardback)
February 4, 2018 (Large-format paperback)
February 4, 2018 (Small-format paperback)
ISBNs: 1909905291 / 9781909905290 (Large-format paperback)
1909905305 / 9781909905306 (Small-format paperback)
9791093943305 (Collector's edition hardback)
Length: 1200 sections
Special Thanks:Thanks to sireeyore for the paperback cover images.
Users Who Own This Item: aden (Large format paperback), Alatar001 (Hardback and paperback), B0N0V0X, BarefootJimmy, cdelacruz, Citanul, CWCprime, darkj, dArtagnan, Darth Rabbitt (Large format paperback ), dbriel, Demian (hardback), dodgingcars, Dronak (Collector's edition hardback), Eamonn McCusker, Ed, Erikwinslow (LF Paperback), Gamebook_Pirate (Small Format [Paperback]), gnomeza (Fabled Lands Publishing), gryff, Himynameistony, jdreller (large), Joe_TC (Small format reissue ), juski, kesipyc, le maudit, lek, lilly (large format paperback), Malthus Dire, mir1812 (Lge PB), mlvoss, Nich (large format paperback), pelle (kickstarter PDF), Sheridan77, Sir Olli (hardback & small paperback), sireeyore (Large Paperback), Twise, Vampireman, wrose (Collectors Hardcover w/ Laminated Map)
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Known Editions

Collector's edition hardback
Large-format paperback
Small-format paperback

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