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Item - The Shattered Realm (Box set)

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Item-Level Details

Contains: The Shattered Realm (Book 1) (Gamebook)
The Shattered Realm (Book 2) (Gamebook)
Translated Into: Alla conquista del regno (Italian)
Users Who Own This Item: Alatar001, Aniline, Arcohnz, B0N0V0X, BarefootJimmy, bigcobra, Cyan, damieng, dArtagnan, dave2002a, Ed, edwebb, greyarea13, Ian2405, janh, juski, karalynn, katzcollection, kinderstef, le maudit (I have both books now), Malthus Dire, maxz, mir1812, mlvoss, nelsondesign, Nich, outspaced, peterm2, plowboy (Book 1), Pseudo_Intellectual, Radjabov, Salpynx (both), Sheridan77, Sir Olli, sireeyore, skeleton ((only book 1 >:| )), spragmatic, strawberry_brite, Zolika
Users Who Want This Item: Braldt, Gartax, Gibraltar, Jubal, kleme, liam0404, Office Linebacker_, Pseudo_Intellectual, twar, Virtua Sinner (I have one half of this. My mother gave the other half away when I was a child, thinking it was a duplicate. Oh, the rage!)
Users with Extra Copies: bigcobra
kinderstef - i only have the kingdom of Monsalyar
peterm2 - I have an extra copy of "The Kingdom of Monsalyar"

Duel Master edition

Series: Duel Master no. 3
Item: The Shattered Realm (Box set)
Authors: Smith, Mark
Thomson, Jamie
Illustrators: Kirby, Josh (cover)
Davis, Jon (interior)
Date: 1987

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