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Item - Journey to the Year 3000

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(Second printing)
(Second printing)
(Second printing)
(Second printing)
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Combined Summary

Series: Choose Your Own Adventure Super Adventure — no. 1
Translated Into: Sefr bh sal 3000 [سفر به سال ٣٠٠٠] (Farsi)
Viaje al año 3000 (Spanish)
Adapted Into: Journey 3000: an interactive audio adventure (Interactive Audio)
Author: Packard, Edward
Illustrators: Saffioti, Lino (cover)
Morrill, Leslie (interior)
Date: March, 1987 (First printing)
ISBN: 0553261576 / 9780553261578 (Later printing, Second printing)
Length: 162 pages
Number of Endings: 27
Cover Price: US$3.50 (Later printing)
US$2.95 (Second printing)
User Summary: You volunteer to go into suspended animation for a thousand years. When you awaken in the year 3000, you find that the entire solar system is under the control of an evil tyrant named Styx Mori.
Demian's Thoughts:

This is quite a challenging gamebook; there is only one way to defeat Styx Mori, and it takes quite some time to find it. While this book isn't really that much longer than the regular Choose Your Own Adventure books, it is worthy of the "Super Adventure" title.

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Guillermo's Thoughts:

This sci-fi adventure is significantly longer than your average Choose Your Own Adventure book. It also feels more game-like since it requires the reader to survive a journey through two planets in order to be successful. The choices are challenging even if you are a hardened gamebook enthusiast, and the level of attention to scientific detail throughout makes this an excellent read. This is definitely one of the best CYOA books ever, and it's a shame that Edward Packard has not been able or willing to reissue it. [Editor's note: the book has been recently adapted as interactive audio for the Alexa as Journey 3000].

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Jordashebasics's Thoughts:

After finally finishing every possible path in this book, I believe that this is the title that Packard put the most effort into. There are scientific elements, but it isn't annoying to read, like You Are Microscopic was. The structure feels elegant in a strange way. There are two primary paths, going to Mars, or going to Venus. It's also possible to go to Earth, but that serves as a waypoint for the other paths.

Styx Mori has potential, but for most of the book, he's just referred to as someone to fear. Many of the paths have nothing to do with him.

Another thing that stands out is that the choices are satisfying. When you make a bad decision, it typically leads to something bad happening. You don't feel cheated by random results to your actions.

The biggest weakness is that things don't seem very futuristic. Sure, Mars and Venus can be lived on, but there's no exploration of new technology.

Even if it doesn't feel very exciting, it's well-written, and well-designed. It would have been nice if they did more than two super-adventures.

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