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Item - War of the Wizards

(British cover)
(American cover)
Series: The World of Lone Wolf — no. 4
Platform: Web Browser
Translated Into: La guerra dei maghi (Italian)
La Guerre des sorciers (French)
Krieg der Zauberer (German)
Trollkarlarnas kamp (Swedish)
Authors: Page, Ian
Dever, Joe (editing)
Illustrator: Bonner, Paul (interior)
Dates: September, 1986 (British edition)
November, 1987 (American edition)
October 9, 2005 (Project Aon release)
ISBNs: 0099475901 / 9780099475903 (British edition)
0425105393 / 9780425105399 (American edition)
Length: 360 sections
Number of Endings: 23 (not including failure by loss of points)
User Summary: All is in preparation, and it is time to fight the final battle against Shasarak!
Demian's Thoughts:

Although this book lacks the humor that livened up the previous two volumes, it's a good read. Gameplay is emphasized over story, and it takes a bit of strategy to make it to the fairly satisfyingly drawn-out final battle with the Wytch-king. Really, I don't have any major complaints about this book; it's a good conclusion to the series, and I was unable to find any nitpicky flaws to point out (apart from the errata below). It even returns to the old-style "Story So Far" seen in the first two books, making book three's abbreviated section a total mystery to me. Despite being hard to complain about, though, it's not my favorite of the series -- that would go to either book two or book three, both of which have a bit more character than this one. Still, it was a fun adventure, and it certainly makes me wish Grey Star had been given more adventures; I actually find him to be a more appealing character than Lone Wolf, and I think he deserved a longer series.

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Errata:The character sheet includes too many slots for Higher Magicks. According to the printed rules, you should start with four Higher Magicks if this is your first book or five Higher Magicks if you've completed any previous adventures.
Special Thanks:Thanks to David Malone for the British cover scan.
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