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Item - The Funfair of Evil

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(British edition)

(American edition)

Series: Which Way? — no. 4
Alternate Title: The Fairground of Dread (reissue)
Translated Into: La FĂȘte aux cent malĂ©fices (French)
La feria del mal (Spanish)
Il luna park del brivido (Italian)
Author: Burston, Patrick
Illustrator: Graham, Alastair
Dates: 1986 (original)
1997 (reissue)
ISBNs: 0744552664 / 9780744552669
0744594669 / 9780744594669
Length: 45 pages
Number of Endings: 5 (1 victory; 4 go back to the start.)
User Summary: You must search a run-down amusement park to find a mad scientist before he can release his insidious misery gas on the world.
Fireguard's Thoughts:

Funfair of Evil is about the same as any of the other books in its series I've read so far. There's the same large colorful puzzles where you're required to trace a path with your finger or find a vital object in all the clutter. However, it deviates from the other books in a couple ways. Perhaps most prominently, the path toward victory isn't quite so arbitrary as most once you reach a certain point. You reach a point where you're actually told you're on the right track instead of guessing until you achieve victory. Also, the single inventory item you're told about at the beginning of the book is *gasp* used in the correct path.

Those aren't big differences, though, and Funfair of Evil is a typical example of its series. If you had to read one of these books, my recommendation would be for Planet of Terror, not this one.

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Guillermo's Thoughts:

(review based on the Spanish translation).

This ridiculously-plotted adventure is fun to read and solve. The artwork is more sombre than earlier entries in the series and some of the puzzles are slightly more difficult. Together with the rest of the series, I recommend this for young kids (8 and older).

Once again, there is only one ending (the successful one). There are also four "dead end. Go back to the start" sections.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Fireguard for the plot summary. Thanks to Brett Easterbrook for the early British Walker cover image. Thanks to Ryan Lynch for the remaining non-American images.
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