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Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998)

9. Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey?

17. The Race Forever
original cover

97. Through the Black Hole

Endless Quest

1. Dungeon of Dread

2. Mountain of Mirrors

3. Pillars of Pentegarn

4. Return to Brookmere

6. Revenge of the Rainbow Dragons
back cover cut off

13. Dragon of Doom

15. Under Dragon's Wing

17. Captive Planet

Fantasy Forest

1. The Ring, the Sword, and the Unicorn

6. Star Rangers and the Spy

Time Machine

1. Secret of the Knights

11. Mission to World War II


1. The Time Raider
large reissue

3. The Formula for Trouble

4. Golden Sword of Dragonwalk
large reissue

9. Horrors of the Haunted Museum
original and large reissue

10. Mission of the Secret Spy Squad

11. Camp-Out on Danger Mountain

17. Ghost Riders of Goldspur

Which Way Books

10. Invasion of the Black Slime

15. Star Trek: Voyage to Adventure
original cover

Which Way Secret Door Books

2. Giants, Elves and Scary Monsters

11. The Enchanted Forest

Your AMAZING Adventures

4. The Dragonmaster